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Kita welcomes in the fall season.

Neighbors just don’t get any better than these, hosts Wayne and Izabela (with Kert in-between), Maryam and Kert and Dave and Alexis.  We have great fun rotating from house to house for amazing dinners and grand conversation!

I’ll catch you later…

Did anyone say Hermés Carre? How could I miss this pop up on Melrose?

Write a suggestion for a color so…what about Nan Rae Red?

You could watch designers work on new patterns and they would sign your scarf selection.

Great fun with Clayton, my new Toluca Lake friend.

Time for Pink’s!

Back to work.  My Sweet Sandie Girl came over with delights from Julienne’s for a lovely al fresco lunch on the patio before going to work on her Christmas card.

If you’re a lucky recipient you’ll agree this year’s card is beautiful!

That week Clara brought lunch from Kreaton Organic and we feasted before going to the studio.

This magnificent landscape will be Clara’s entry in the January studio class exhibit at the Crain Art Gallery in San Marino’s Crowell Public Library.

Thanks to Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow, our Master Calligraphy teacher, we have the interpretation of Clara’s beautiful calligraphy.
Clouds care about gorgeous dresses,
Flowers think about their beautiful appearance,
Soft wind of Spring touches the fences that protect the flowers.
Unless she comes from the fairyland,
Or could it be an angel from Heaven.

Next step, deciding where to put the seals.

We were so happy Amy stopped by.

Time to drive to El Monte and wonderful May at Chiang’s Frames.
9255 Telstar Avenue.

Precious Lisa Bowman came to the studio to pick up Diane Riska Taylor’s exquisite Brush painting that she purchased at the Huntington’s class exhibit.

Diane notes the back of the work.

Elizabeth and Nikka work on cards in the office.

And back again another day with more work….

Stephanie stopped by to pick up some art supplies and she was definitely in the holiday spirit!

And Sweet Lynne.  Gosh we have the most fun around here this time of the year!

Sandie Girl stopped by after work to give Nikka all the artwork for her Christmas card gifts.  It was great fun to have her stay for dinner.

Need a break….Perfect meeting Lizzie Girl at Bloomie’s for lunch and our smoothies.

More lunch….Prosecco Trattoria with dear Alice.

Time to give thanks….

Nikka and I celebrated Thanksgiving at the Royce in the Langham.

We were then joined by awesome Maggie and friend Curtis, chatting until midnight!

Sorry Kita, no turkey this year.


Time to settle in to watch The Story of the Yanxi Palace, all 70 episodes.  Totally addicted.

I’ve posted in the past about ‘Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains’ by Huang Gongwang, a Landscape painting we’ve studied in class so it was thrilling to see them talk about it in ‘The Story of the Yanxi Palace’.

What we studied in the studio…

Yummies at the Harvard College Fund event at the Montage Hotel.

Now goodbye November and hello Christmas!

I wish you all things bright and gay!

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