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The Spanish Riding School in Vienna at The Hofburg, designed in the style of the late Baroque era.

If I had a bucket list, this definitely would be number one.  I’d say a trip to the lovely city of Vienna is worth it just to see this awesome classic equestrian art performance.  The Lipizzan horses are magnificent and the control exercised by the riders is gained only through  the relationship between stallion and rider being for life.  This is mastery in it’s finest!  So thrilled to have had a seat in the very front row…I could have reached out and touched the horses but then I’d most likely still be in lockdown!
After the performance, dazed but delighted it was time to dash over to four star Das Loft for lunch.  

I’ll just show you a couple of the several stations for nibbles.

You can see I picked quite an assortment…but wait…soup is a must!

Haaaaa…..there was still room….

…for dessert!

Time to stagger back to the Spanish Riding School for the afternoon tour of the stables. You’re not supposed to take photos of the horses but I could not resist sneaking this.  Doesn’t it look like a painting?


And the tack room….

A Christmas Market filled the area outside of The Hofburg. When I wasn’t taking pictures of horses or dogs I managed a few buildings. This is outside of the Spanish Riding School.

So many horse driven carriages.

So that was the day from my Bucket List.
Back to the Ritz-Carlton and trying to figure out what this was in the lobby.

No matter, one could always count on a glass of bubbly after a long days gadding about!

I should also mention the delightful welcome by the hotel.

St. Stephens Cathedral

These costumed fellows are everywhere selling tickets to the various holiday events and I do mean selling!

A quick visit to Mozart’s home….

Forget Mozart, this is what I’m after…

Next stop on my Bucket List.  The Hotel Sacher and a more than famous Sacher torte.

The small lobby of the hotel was charming.

But the main event was at the Cafe Sacher.  Be prepared to wait outside at least an hour for a table.
This was on a very cold and rainy day.  Imagine how long the wait when the weather is nice.


Ahhhhhh…….mit schlag!

That evening a special Christmas concert that did not disappoint.

It was so incredibly moving and I was thrilled when they sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

The concert hall was inspiring in itself as one thought of all the performances throughout the years.

What a great idea.  Intermission and one gets to eat some more!

Of course, seeing The Nutcracker ballet is de rigueur at Christmas. Seeing it at the Opera Wiener Staatsoper is magical.

Haaaaa…..Yes, I got all of this at intermission because I just couldn’t make a decision and besides, I was sharing!

Gerstner Cafe, Confiserie and shop.

When in Rome…..

There was supposed to be a performance by the Vienna Boy’s Choir in the Hofburg Palace Christmas morning but they were hidden from sight and just sang one short piece.

Kunst Historisches Museum Wien

Bruegel is probably my least favorite artist and the guide kept us here way too long looking at every figure in every Bruegel painting.

However, I found the areas of text most interesting.

Especially when combined with examples.

The several hand positions were fascinating.

On to the Albertina where I would have preferred spending the time.
Too bad we had to race through it.

Cantinetta Antinori, a Michelin Guide restaurant for an afternoon repass of Italian food to break the Viennese food fatigue..

The lobby of the Palais Coburg Hotel where Silvio Nickol, a 2 Michelin starred restaurant awaited.

This was part of the 7 course chef’s tasting with wine pairings.  So many flavor explosions created into beautiful works of art!

Thank you Chef Silvio, you are awesome!

Cafe Restaurant Schwarzenberg, one of the famous coffee houses in Vienna and perfect for the last stop on this magical ride.

My last Viennese coffee….

Thank you Ritz Carlton staff, you are amazing!

Next stop, remembering Florence!

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