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….are always wonderful but I think this weeks focus on “ARABELLA: The Force Behind the Huntington’s Art Collections” was the very best!

Cutie Cris Lutz.

But first some nibbles!

Christina Nielsen, the new Director of the Art Collections gave a fascinating glimpse into Arabella Huntington, her passion for collecting and the opportunity to see these two rarely seen Mary Cassatt pastels.

James Glisson, Curator of American Art also gave a most interesting talk on the two paintings and Cassatt’s process.
Beautiful Amy enjoyed it too!

Afterwards we were able to walk about the Virginia Steele Scott Galeries of American Art.

This Mary Cassatt absolutely stopped me in my tracks.

If you’ve never been to Julienne’s on Mission in San Marino then stop reading, jump in your car and get yourself over to one of my favorite places.

What better than being treated to lunch at Julienne’s with Curtis my most brilliant and talented friend.

I had such a wonderful time that I met Nancy Baxter there the following week.  Nancy is now the Director of Development at the Pasadena Playhouse.  Love sharing books with her.

Not sure what on earth I was saying but the new Landscape series in the studio was filled to capacity and great fun!

And class at the Huntington was so full we had to take the class photo on the stairs!

Clara you’re so cute!

Yoshida san brings me the most delicious Japanese treats when he comes for the twice yearly Pine tree trimming.

He had said my little garden needed work asking “What does your gardener do?”  Why blow and go says I!  Anyway, this was phase one and Tuesday he and Carlos will finish up.  Fingers crossed that everything grows back.  This turned out to be a bit more minimalistic than I bargained for.

I wish you all the delights of Spring!

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