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are always great fun along with learning a lot. Listening to composer Matthew Aucoin, Genius Grant recipient along with a MacArthur Fellowship, and  composer of ‘Eurydice’, his opera to be premiered in LA Opera’s 2019/20 season was no exception.

Making the evening even more memorable was spotting this double rainbow during the light reception before Aucoins talk.

This was followed by seeing the ‘super moon’ leaving the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Because of that I had quite a lot to talk about when Chris Johnsten from the LA Opera came to visit the studio.  I was especially delighted when he said he could look at this scroll I painted all day.  Imagine! Thank you Chris.

I’ve posted about friend Farnaz’s Noruz events welcoming in the Persian New Year but must say this year she really outdid herself and  everyone had such a wonderful evening. Here’s her amazing Haft sin table.

Barbara to the left will be visiting the studio this week. Also seen are Sweet Maryam and Awesome Parvin!

I’m still laughing over this!

Special thanks to Sweet Nicola for the delightful lunch at The Athenaeum and for filling me in on the upcoming Caltech Associates events!

Class in the studio was super fun and delightful seeing Marilyn on the far left who drove in from Palm Springs.  Marilyn was in the workshop I did at Sunnylands and fell in love with brush painting.

If you ever wonder how a lesson comes together it usually starts with someone making a request.  This month it was Sweet Lynne Sims who wanted to paint Freesia’s.  I pull the artwork, write all the ‘how to’ text and then Nikka imports it all into the computer.  It’s a bit more complicated than that but you get the idea.

As promised, Artist Barbara, visited the Nan Rae Studio!

Always great fun getting together for our dinners with neighbors Dave and Alexis, Izabela and Wayne and Maryam and Kert.

Of course The Hanson’s fur babies wanted in on the partying!

I wish you all sweet Puppy Love!

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