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Is anything more joyful than seeing two people who are so perfect for each other, knowing the miracle of their meeting, their journey and life together? Eliza and Tyler bring so much joy to everyone around them that it’s no wonder they have more friends than can be counted.

The night before their marriage there was a party at Terroni DYLA for about 500 of their closest friends! (I’m laughing!)

Wedding day was bright and clear as the beautiful bride examined her wedding dress at lovely sister Marine’s home.

Looks like all my photo’s were video’s during the ceremony but here’s one just after. Marine and Aram’s home is so perfect for celebrations I suggested they rent it out!

Of course my favorite girl, precious Alyssa, flower girl and niece of the bride.

Later that evening there was a celebratory dinner at Playa Studios in Culver City with far too many guests to number.  This is one of the table seating charts….I’m in here somewhere.

I did say birthdays didn’t I?  Here’s a few.
Nikka always starts mine at midnight the night before and it’s always a complete surprise.

A world of thanks to my precious friends…
Marine and Eliza,,,

Joycie treated me at the Peninsula which was a complete surprise, balloons and all!

Dear Carol joined me at the Robinson Garden’s event to celebrate my birthday.

And Amy’s precious friend Lilia brought me a birthday cake!

Sweet Patricia got 2 cakes for the first of three planned days.  (There’s one more to go.)

Maggie at Julienne’s…

Sweet Patricia helped me and Joycie celebrate in the Polo Lounge…..

We took the remaining champagne home in paper cups!  So funny!!!

Joycie and I both got cake!

Laurie Pie at Monsieur Marcel in the Original Farmer’s Market after lunch and a movie!

With my very uber-private friend at Avra. I had not been there and highly recommend it.  Great place!

Ca Del Sole with Maria and Nikka…

Panna Cotta birthday cake!

Thank you Lovely Mary for always remembering!

That’s it for now.  Four more to go and then we wait for next year!

May you always have cake to wish upon!

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