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A trip to Julienne’s is #1 on the list when planning a dinner party.

It’s fun planning the menu, setting the table, checking lists to make sure everything is done as planned.

Appetizers on the patio…

But the most fun of all is knowing your guests had a good time!

While on the subject of fun…Nothing could have been better this month than celebrating Carol’s return home…. Her luncheon at The Athenaeum was absolutely delightful…

As was the lovely lunch at Carol’s with Tavo Olmos on Mandolin and Nick Neutra on Guitar serenading us.

A beautiful day!

Along with hugging a tree for good measure before going home!

There was a Western Barbecue at the Athanaeum and who could resist petting a baby goat!

Everyone got the memo…note the hats!

Probably the absolutely sweetest day was the bridal shower for Erin.  Sister Kaley greeted me before the festivities…sooooo cute!

You can barely see Clara in the far left…

Bravo Kathy, this was a day to remember!

So much yummy food….

This was very clever.  You could write your name on your beverage glass.

Clara got the most delicious cake at Sweet Lady Jane…but of course!

It’s no secret that I love Moochi even more than Kita.

On to birthdays….
We celebrated Lovely Marine at The Frontyard…

and, don’t laugh…me again at the Peninsula with thanks to Clara.

It’s Nikka’s B-day turn….

Maggie celebrated Nikka with cupcakes at the Huntington…

There were enough to go around for all 38 students!

Lovebird Eliza is so happy with her ‘Lovebirds’!

Word has it that this painting was happily received in Boston…

Thanks May at Chang’s Frames in El Monte.  You’re amazing!

Trying to get organized…

in between conferences in the studio…

O.K., needed a play date at the Peninsula with buddies Sweet Joycie and Patricia!

I hope you take time to play too!

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