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Dinner in the Founder’s Room at the Music Center and then a performance by the Mariinsky Ballet company from Russia.  This was for Amy’s birthday later in November but we celebrated early because she adores Russian ballet!
We saw George Balanchine’s ‘Jewels’ with music by the Mariinsky Orchestra.

Strike a pose!

Next birthday, delightful Silvet at Olive and Thyme.

Time to celebrate Curtis’s birthday at Guisados with dear Carol!

Duchess joined the celebrating and photo bombed us!

Next Laurie Pie had a birthday and where better than the Music Center for a special performance of John Leguizamo’s ‘Latin History for Morons’.  It was a special performance for area high schoolers and what fun to be with some 2,500 of them!

Awesome Sarah and Elizabeth, my contact peeps at the Center Theatre Group.  Soooo cute!

Dinner afterwards at Kendall’s was yummy good and so much fun!

At Avra in Beverly Hills for my very shy friends birthday!

This is how they do ‘Birthday’!

Back at Avra with Amy for Clara’s birthday.

See…..another amazing ‘Birthday’ plate!

The staff at Avra was very disappointed that Amy’s beautiful arrangement wasn’t for them!

Lovely and all too shy Maggie had a birthday at the Langham but please… photos!

Not a birthday but catch up time with dear Molly at Amici Trattoria!

And lunch with Chris Johnsten from the L.A. Opera at Bistro Gardens….

The studio class is always pure joy and this special class for a group of dear Jean Trebeck’s friends was no exception.  And yes, in between all the eating I do manage to work!

Whoops, I forgot, everyone just came to play with Kita!

Another great class at the Huntington…

And a very special evening with dear Carol Soucek King who introduced me to the Chinese Society dinners and lectures at the Golden Dragon downtown.  So glad I didn’t miss awesome Yan Zhang, an amazing Li Brocade artist.

What a surprise to see old friends Leslee See Leong (Lisa See’s cousin) and hubby Joe Schulman, owners of F Suie One in Pasadena, home of incredible Chinese Antiques.

Time to paint Christmas cards….

And Mary Beth, Kita’s trainer does front door training.

Just the beginning of cleaning out the garage….I couldn’t bear to look!

So off to the Peninsula for some R and R!

My template for the perfect family is Kathy and David Wong’s…Their love is so all inclusive and just draws everyone in.  A pre-Thanksgiving dinner in their home had wall to wall people ….so relaxed and convivial….and the food???  Never so much in one place ever!

David, master of the prime rib….

And dear Mochi, an Akita who I love more than Kita!  Everyone gave him a treat!

I’ll  close off for now with warm pumpkin wishes..

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