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A dinner at Valerie Foster Hoffman’s is never just a dinner….

Lovely Valerie greets Carol Soucek King…

Oh my, so many tasty bits….Everything’s better with bacon…right?

Love the caviar topping….

There was also an amazing cheese treat but I was too overwhelmed to photograph it!
With drinks in hand we were serenaded on the lovely patio by virtuoso Michael Lozano!

Did you ever?

No….never…Nobody does it better.  Josie, Valerie’s amazing chef prepared the most amazing dinner for us with perfect popovers, artichokes and the most amazing beef dish but then you know it’s all about dessert!

Time to settle in and chat….

Lissi Kaplan, artiste extraordinaire and creator of the Peninsula’s Living Room tea service had hubby Doug take this photo…next to her is Vanya, Valerie’s wonderful sister…dear Amy with me next to delightful Carol!

Love this of the two sisters….

Oh my, a private tour of Center Theatre Groups Costume Shop and Prop Warehouse!

It was such great fun and especially interesting to see and touch the costumes that are good to go for the upcoming ‘The Art Couple’.

Sooooo much stuff….

The prop Warehouse is in a separate building and is loaded…I mean loaded with props!

Including this…..

I got home in time to celebrate Dr. Keith’s birthday at Casa Nostra Ristorante…

Thank you beautiful Mary, it was great fun!

On to LACMA…but first…a delicious lunch at Ray’s!

It was a wonderful field trip for the Landscape class and we learned a lot from ‘The Art of Qiu Ying’, an exhibit worth seeing.

Sooooo cute!

Everyone has to take a photo of the ‘Lampposts’! Hi Amy!

I Saw ‘By Day and By Night’, Paris in the Belle Epoque at the Norton Simon …twice..

With friends from Chicago who winter in Newport Beach and they absolutely loved it!

So love the Center Theatre Group events…

But first, a bite at Abernethy’s….

Crab & Avocado toast….soooo good!

Time to watch the finalists in the ‘August Wilson Monologue Competition’.

They were marvelous….

Quite an informative lunch with Kimberly Valentine from the LA Phil at Celestino’s Ristorante.  Thank you Kimberly!

Nothing is more interesting and delightful than watching the ‘Spotlight’ Master Classes.
I really appreciate the parking pass.

The Artists Entrance at the Music Center…

Next you’re greeted by the guards to make sure you’re on the list and not wanted anywhere…

Jeri Gaile, awesome Director of the Spotlight Program takes a group photo of the acting finalists with Master Class teacher Andi Chapman.

Food anyone?

Just time to get to the Norton Simon for the special ‘Night in Focus’…Everything Paris and the third trip to see “By Day, By Night; Paris in the Belle Époque’.

Chatting with Emily Talbot, Chief Curator of the exhibit about her informative ‘Spotlight Talk’.

It was great fun because there were so many areas where visitors could have a ‘hands on’ experience!

I’ll leave you with this…..

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