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What a perfect way to begin my birthday!  A drive-by love greeting from the Papazian’s, beautiful Amy and the lovebirds Eliza and Tyler.  This was such a surprise and I’m just grateful I wasn’t in my PJ’S.  Sweet Alyssa agreed with me that birthdays are the best!

Here’s the first B-day cake from Eliza and Tyler from Sweet Lady Jane.

And beautiful flowers from my dear friends at Harvard!

Since we’re in the midst of a pandemic, the LA Opera sent this thoughtful gift!

Perhaps I should begin at the very beginning…the night before when Nikka called me to the studio at midnight.  It’s impossible to describe what all she did to surprise me but I’ll start with seeing 150 balloons.

She’s amazing!

Actually this was the first B-day cake!

But the biggest surprise was when Clara gathered some thirty friends to participate in a ZOOM birthday greeting. They all sang Happy Birthday and I really needed extra Kleenex along with the third cake.

I was so overwhelmed and touched by the tender loving greetings.  How can I ever begin to express my gratitude for such an exquisite expression of love and friendship?  How beautiful you all are! Please know I carry you always in my heart.

Special thanks dear Lynne for this wonderful compilation of memories throughout our friendship.

Needless to say we were eating cake for a week!

May brought so many more delightful events.  I especially loved being in the ZOOM group for Carol Soucek King’s virtual ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ brought to us by the amazing photographer and videographer Curtis McElhinney. Check out his stunning work at

Great fun seeing everyone.

We did several short talks for the followers of Nan Rae Fine Art on Instagram and that’s always a joy to be able to connect like that. This one was in the garden.

Here’s another…

Then there was a IG Live where I could answer questions and talk about various things for an hour or so.

Along with that, we’re shipping “What If…” and art supplies all over the world!

I’m always so touched when people send me photos of the book and describe what it means to them.

We did two more live online classes in May and it’s exciting to have students join in from all over the world!  To make the classes even better for the students we got an additional camera, a wider lens and a MacBook Pro.

This is so students can view my ‘blind strokes’

This lens gets up close …

The new MacPro will help co-ordinate all the different cameras.

Of course there’s a storyboard for each class.

Everything is tested before going live.

Students send in photos of their setups and also pictures of their work for me to critique.

I was quite touched and honored to do a live video welcome to the graduating class of 2020 at College Launch an amazing program that assists students in their path to higher education!

Tammy Huang-Anacleto, brilliant co-founder along with hubby Joao of College Launch, came by to pick up the inscribed copies of ‘What If…’ to present to the graduating class.

Kita loves her rides to the Vet as being sequestered doesn’t work as well for her as it does for us.  She’s such a party animal!

May you stay well and above all…be safe!

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