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Part of the reason is switching over my blog from Blogger to WordPress where I’ve had to learn a whole new way to create a post….still learning! The new blog is and I trust it will express more fully the importance of greeting each day with gratitude and hope.

Fast forward to my life being sequestered and finding new ways to greet each day with gratitude, hope and love…I think if we put all that together we get joy…living joyfully. The 4th of July passed with watching a K-Drama which somehow seemed more interesting than fireworks this year. I’m now totally hooked on them.

Memories of the Alhambra on Netflix

Oh yes, there were the obligatory cheese sandwiches for the 4th. Many things may change but this is not one of them. Perhaps it’s the inclusion of bacon that makes this treat so memorable!

Mostly July was a time for beginnings…..for adjusting to the new normal and finding joy in each moment. First was the reinventing of my Domestic Goddess with the beginning of new domestic culinary adventures brought on by deliveries from Farm Fresh to You and Micro Greens kits from HAMAMA which forces one to cook something with them. Just seeing that marvelous copper bowl brings me joy!

It was a time to begin major bird watching in the garden and making sure all plants were happy and well. I had a lot of extra garden service to help me get started. Someone once said you either have a clean house or a wonderful garden….I kinda get that but I’m still trying to do both.

July also started the ‘Book of The Week’ from Amazon and a major reading frenzy that hasn’t let up. It’s a good thing! I realized yet again how meaningful a book can be, inspiring, educating and just opening one up in general to the world around us. It’s a good thing. This book in particular, by Bruce Feiler is so very timely.

Also in July, the indoor ‘garden’ began with several deliveries from Bloomscape…Now I’m finding a great deal of time is spent watering the houseplants. I guess that’s a good thing because along with the three air purifiers, they’re making the air inside so much more healthy. However, I must say some are becoming enormous and creating quite a jungle effect!. Nonetheless it is quite fun to watch them grow.

I almost forgot, July began Kita’s many trips to the doggie dermatologist for her allergies and her need for weekly baths. Oh my. We have to give her shots, she has antibiotics and so it goes. With Yuki, our rescue Akita, I can’t remember one health issue. I suppose she developed quite a good immune system wandering around the 5 before she was rescued. This one’s a real princess. Even with all that she’s a constant joy supplier!

All in all, it was a wonderful month with so many joyful beginnings and the ever expanded online, live Crowdcast Brush painting classes. Even puppy would get into the picture! It’s bringing me so much joy to be able to continue connecting to my students and even having new ones from around the globe. India, Italy, the United Kingdom and on & on. Marvelous!

So yes, living Joyfully was certainly the tag line for July!

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