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The most thrilling thing for me was discovering these three figs on a tree that was planted years ago on the side of the house. Apparently they take a long time to produce fruit and this minuscule crop was enough to send me to the moon.

I immediately harvested one, sat down on the patio and ate the most delicious fig I have ever had. Can something that simple be that sublime? Yes it can!

I’m so grateful for Harry who generously comes by to cut my hair. Ladies, if you need or want a trim comment down below and I’ll set you up. He’s marvelous and keeps me feeling human while sequestered.

My new toy was these AirPods Pro and just like a six year old I was delirious for almost a full day.

Another new obsession. Making smoothies and even soups….the new Vitamix is amazing. (New toy???) It’ll be real interesting to see if this turns into a habit or winds up just sitting on the kitchen counter.

Half of the office is now official a filming studio with several different cameras, official lighting, a Sennheiser lavalier mic and several monitors. WOW! I’m loving doing the classes live online and Crowdcast is perfect for that. After some experimenting we’ve found that following the storyboard and filming the sections ahead of time works perfectly and allows us to give the students a closer and far better look. Also, they can view the video at a later date and either fast forward or pause sections. I could never have imagined that not doing the ‘in person’ classes could turn into such a wonderful, joy filled adventure. The bonus round has been students from all over the world! A week after class we hold a ZOOM meeting where everyone can meet their fellow artists. It’s great fun.

One of the greatest joys is any meeting with Benjamin Darling, my Publisher at Laughing Elephant Books… this time we had a meeting to discuss my upcoming book ‘That’s Just What I needed Today’. I’m so excited and looking forward to receiving my copies that I can personally inscribe. When people by the books on Amazon say in Europe, if they let me know, I send them a notecard with a personal note they can keep with the book. How’s that for happy!

If there ever was a book I wished I wrote it’s ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ written and illustrated by Charlie Mackesy. It’s so wise, so loving, so charming in every way and if you don’t already own it… dash to Amazon.

Actually the hight point of August was Nikka’s birthday on the 23rd and we celebrated with many cakes for many days. The truth is happiness is a decision, a choice we make, and I’m convinced it’s best to live in gratitude and treasure each moment, big or small. That’s how we’re getting through Covid and the upending of so many things, seeing what can be new, creative and delightful.

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