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…as Carol Soucek King asked me to be the guest speaker (for the third time) for her Salon for the Creative Arts. Carol had heard a talk that I gave to the China Society of Southern California in January and she thought it would be perfect for September’s Salon topic of harmony. Marvelous uber talented Curtis McElhinney @Curtis Vision managed the ZOOM meeting with his usual expertise and I was gratified to see so many interested people.

I’m touched and honored by this article about my Zoom talk for the September Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life hosted by Carol Soucek King! I discussed Understanding Eastern Art through Western Eyes and the Eastern Concept of Harmony of Heaven and Earth in keeping with the Salon September theme “Harmony.”

Thank you dear Carol, it’s always a honor and privilege.

It was quite delightful to see this article in the Pasadena Weekender about the Salon and my talk on ‘UNDERSTANDING EASTERN ART THROUGH WESTERN EYES and the Eastern Concept of the Harmony of Heaven and Earth.

And then dear Lynne Tucker wrote this article that became the frosting on the cake!

September is always bittersweet as that’s when mom and Charles birthdays are. To keep everything light and lovely we celebrated with a cake that got mushed in delivery but was still quite yummy!

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m writing about September. Well now honestly, wasn’t that yesterday… I mean, all week I’ve gotten up each day thinking it was Friday and when Friday came I was really confused! All that to say I realized that I’ve missed September, October and now…a great deal of November. Mostly I love blogging because I can look back on all the wonderful days to be oh so grateful for!

It was warm and lovely so that meant many dinners on the patio with Kita roaming about.

That watermelon salad was marvelous!

Lots of experimenting with new recipes and sorting out all the cupboards! I developed a passion for making soups…especially with Fennel!

Before summer ended I was determined to dip my toes in the ocean and Will Rodgers State Beach is the perfect, quiet spot for that. I so hope everyone does the same at least once a year….it’s absolutely restorative!

The virtual classes are coming along beautifully and I really do think they’re even better than in person classes as the students can see the brushstrokes up close with the aid of three cameras and they can also stop the action at any time and replay. I’m even learning a lot! It’s such fun having students from all over the world now. We do a storyboard first and then pre-record segments of the class leaving time for discussion in-between each segment.

Time for a major re-organization in the studio along with catching up on mounting the paintings.

Mostly I loved FaceTime with precious friends. Isn’t it marvelous how we can do that now and ease the separation anxiety as here with precious Lisa Bowman.

The days have been rich and full, satisfying and passing all too quickly. May our hearts continually overflow with love.

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