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…but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it to continue into June!

Veronica started it off at Midnight on the morning of the 18th with a balloon extravaganza!

That girl sure knows how to party!

After 2 A.M. cake and a little sleep it was off to the Huntington Botanical Gardens with Amy and Veronica to tour the Rose Garden. I was so enthralled and can’t imagine how so many exquisite roses in such a wonderful setting is even possible!

Sweet Amy is our rose expert!

I so love this photo of Amy and Veronica having a ‘tree’ moment!

We were then treated to a special tour of the 320 year old Magistrates House under construction that was transported to the Huntington from Japan. Thank you Robert Hori, Gardens Cultural Curator & Programs Director and expert extraordinaire on all things Japanese!

What really put the day over the top and totally knocked me out was this amazing Phaeleonopsis from the Huntington.

Well after all that inspiration and time amongst the flora and fauna (there were geese and fish) we were famished so on to find an outdoor dining spot.

So somewhere in the valley we had massive quantities of yumminess….

I am always grateful for my beautiful friends but nowhere more so than at my birthday.

These roses from Lovely Marine and Eliza, her precious sister, were sooooo amazing. Not only were they exquisite but they lasted for the longest time.

A world of thanks to Miss Judith, my template for doing good who really hit it out of the park with this one! Amazing Olive Oils from Olio2go with a ZOOM class with olive oil expert extraordinaire Johnny Madge yet to be scheduled…..can’t wait!

Time for more cake! Sweet Lynne brought a yummy cake with a candle (of course) and flowers. Lynne is so precious & I’m always knocked out that she remembers my birthday!

Lovely Maggie knows how addicted I am to her biscotti so she baked enough to almost fix my cravings. The book is super great too!

The Huntington Botanical Gardens had a very limited event this year for the Successors.
It gave me a chance to sit down with amazing Tania Norris and then we all went to Santuari for a lovely evening of food, friendship and great fun!

I told dear Carol that the most wonderful thing I could think of would be burgers on the beach and so it was….at the Jonathan Beach Club with Beautiful Susi. What a perfect day! Carol’s holding up a fruitcake that dear Joycie has been trying to get to me since Christmas…..too funny!

Susie remembers my addiction to little rubber duckies from our trip to Vienna….

Well the cake thoughtful Carol brought sort of melted so we made do……

Thank you lovely Carol for the most beautiful day made perfect by the chance to see handsome Xavier and deliver ‘What If…’ to you!

You just have to forgive me if I go on and on about all this but I love recording the wonderful moments in my life and looking back at all the great photos such as Lorie Pie coming over for the first time since the pandemic, bringing her awesome garlic bread and salad and the most beautiful poem she wrote me….a world of thanks Pie.

O.K., now let me ask you….what’s the most fabulous, delightful, charming restaurant in L.A.? If you guessed The Ivy you’d be correct and that’s exactly what Lovely Marine and a very pregnant Eliza surprised me with!

I’m forever charmed by Alyssa, Marine’s precious daughter.

Beyond wonderful….

The ‘birthday cake plate’ came with a Sparkler!!! Oh my!!!

Lunch with beautiful Mary at Ca Del Sol brings me to June where there just might be more cake!

Wishing you joy and lots of cake!

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