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Everyone seemed to be off to Armstrongs and Home Depot for plants, plants, plants. I got the bug as well although I’m not quite sure why. I keep buying plants but they seem to last a nano-second thanks to all the creatures that come out at night to nibble on them!

There have been so many ZOOM programs to watch and Kita enjoys them as well as there usually are snacks!

This program was written and narrated by brilliant art critic John Seed.

With all that I managed to participate in some ZOOM meetings myself. There’s the monthly ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ hosted by the awe inspiring Carol Soucek King, facilitated by Curtis McElhinney @curtisvision.

It was great fun teaching “Painting a Moonlit Crane’ to the SSA (Sumi-e Society of America) – Sarasota chapter.

And then of course my monthly Crowdcast classes that I so love doing.

There are also ZOOM meetings a week after each of my classes so students can share their work.

I’ve lost track of how many Korean dramas we’ve watched but ‘Vincenzo’ was certainly one of the best. Totally addicted at this point!

Hard to believe but I’ve done over 300 paintings during the pandemic and fortunately May at Chang’s Frame mounted them all. A great joy this year has been sending work to their new homes.

Having a doves nest just outside the dining room where I could watch the progress from egg to fledge was miraculous!

Just to keep things from getting too peaceful around here there was a brushfire two houses down. I only noticed it because Kita the Akita had escaped and in the hunt for her saw the fire.

Kita thinks it’s great fun to sneak off and explore the world so she now has a GPS colar so at least we know her approximate direction.

Ha ha haaaaaaa…..the ‘without an owner’ part was when she was in the vets office!

There are way too many trips to her ‘dermatologist’!

Lovely Maggie treated me to Cafe Chez Marie so I probably should have included that in the ‘Birthday’ blog.

And of course remembering mom on Mother’s Day!

On of my happiest memories was time with Carol Soucek King, Anne her beautiful mother and my mom.

It’s always great fun when Sandie Girl stops by. We decided to come up with interesting recipes and cook together here which should be quite interesting!

Anyone for duck eggs?

It’s a huge help to have Intern Sophie working in the office.

Kita’s happy too!

Absolutely the most delightful evening has to be dinner with Benjamin Darling my brilliant publisher at Laughing Elephant Books. I wanted Benjamin and Dave Hanson to meet as they’re in the process of publishing Dave’s adorable children’s book ‘Fuzzy Tales’. More on that later.

That pretty much brings me up to date and I’ll close with the hope that you enjoy each precious moment!

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