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The months are streaming by in fast forward and looking back from my vantage point of November I see there was a lot of food and puppies in September and October. Perhaps I’ll just skip all that…One of the most memorable days was spending time at the Jonathan Beach Club celebrating wondrous Carol Soucek King’s birthday. Somehow the foto of the group disappeared but here’s Birthday Girl Carol and Handsome Xavier…

It was wonderful to see Yi Lin with dear Curtis which added to the days fun!

There was a lovely Angels Luncheon for Operation Walk at the Annandale Golf Club. This marvelous undertaking begun by Dr. Lawrence Dorr provides gratis hip operations around the world for people unable to walk without pain. Bravo Dr. Dorr!

I can’t think of a more deserving group to support…perhaps you could even become an ‘Angel’!

Carol is always so dear to remember my mom’s birthday and here we are at the Jonathan Club downtown, celebrating!

Also, we decided to introduce my new line of scarves on mom’s September 25th birthday…

The first to come by and pick up her own Nan Rae scarf was adorable Alexis with her Prince Dave…I so love these two and their too cute pups!

We are so thrilled to know that everyone feels wrapped in love by the scarves as that has been our desire since conception.

Connie’s exuberance typified this…

Extra care was put into the design of the gift box and the notecard that accompanies it.

So many wonderful things seem to be happening… Tammy Huang-Anacleto of invited Carol Soucek King and me to be her guests at an amazing concert held at the Arboretum.

It was a complete joy teaching two classes for the American Artists of Chinese Brush Painting!

Everyone did beautifully…

We painted a Landscape in the Ling Nan style for the second class.

Isn’t that the most wonderful thought ever…

It’s always delightful to go to the Huntington Botanical Gardens for the Successors events…
Afterwards we got to spend a lovely time with the amazing, incomparable Tania Norris at Parkway Grill. I think we closed it down that night.

Did I ever show you student, artist and amazing journalist, dear Lynne Tucker’s wonderful review of my books? A world of thanks precious Lynne!

Special thanks to Jhonny who is such a great help around the home front, keeping everything in ship shape!

More birthdays and of course…more celebrating. First awesome Curtis McElhinney, brilliant cinematographer and the one in charge of facilitating Carol Soucek King’s monthly Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life. Happiest of birthdays dear Curtis!

If you know dear Patricia Ferber, sculptor extraordinaire, then you know how incredibly sweet she is along with being an amazing talent. It was such a joy when dear Carol gathered us together at the Athenaeum to celebrate her….note the cuteness with a rose!

Not a birthday but a lovely luncheon for newlyweds Ralph and Kathy at Lovely Maggies, the Hostess with the absolute Mostest!. Ralph is a student of mine at the Huntington and he met and fell in love with Sweet Kathy, how adorable is that!

Maggie is also a student and she came over with several of her paintings for Veronica to turn into greeting cards.

I don’t even remember what this interview was for…

I can’t begin to explain how soul satisfying the online Crowdcast classes are. Having students from all over the world and introducing them to the wonders of Brush painting is overwhelming…

What’s so wonderful is that a week after each class we do a ZOOM where the students share their work and we discuss their paintings.

Camerata Pacific had their first concert at the Huntington since the beginning of the pandemic and it was marvelous to be a guest and bask in the sounds of live musicians especially at the level of CP!

I don’t want to forget my forever friend Mary’s birthday. Keith, her Prince did the most elaborate, clever and thoughtful invitations for a Sunday morning at Temescal Canyon Park. He was so thoughtful to have a dog run for Kita the Akita who enjoyed the run enormously!

In all the excitement, I didn’t get a photo of Mary…just a side view of blowing out the candles on her yummy cake.

It was such a beautiful day so off to Shutters on the Beach and Kita’s fan club!

If I would list ‘must do’s’ going to the beach and putting your toes in the water would have to be #1 for sure. We take the ocean for granted and have to consciously plan on doing that each year…maybe twice or three times!

I think I’ve pretty much caught up. Time seems to be running past at supersonic speed but somehow I’m managing to stay mindful and most importantly…grateful! Before I sign off, I want to recommend the most amazing book to you. Don’t you love it when words are constructed so beautifully you could just weep and when you never want a book to end…here it is…

Live Joyfully!

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