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This year Thanksgiving took a different turn because of the pandemic. First it would be at the house and then somehow this idea of being away for a couple of days, sharing Thanksgiving with dear friends at the Peninsula seemed just right.

Kita checks in…

This trip we decided to stay at a ground floor villa because of puppy and she very much enjoyed the two patios and all the space to roam.

Thank you Peninsula for the welcoming fruit and Champagne.

Is it soup yet???

We did go into the Belvedere earlier to decorate the table…

Please note the Crackers….They are always great fun but the best game of all was trying to guess a country Tania has not been in. Who do you know who’s gone tiger hunting twice??? Cat and Chris were quite into it!

After being sufficiently ‘Thanksgiving’ stuffed it was off to The Living Room for some complimentary champagne and the best conversation!

Isn’t room service the best part of staying at a hotel? Absolutely! Next day Sweet Amy visited for lunch…

And someone ordered the kiddies plate…
I even got in some spa time with Irene…She loves Kita’s kisses!

That evening delightful Carol Soucek King came by for dinner along with my very shy friend.

And so went a most different but wonderful Thanksgiving…Now it’s on to Christmas!

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