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It’s interesting that everything in life is a decision. Knowing that I just decided to make this the best Christmas ever and began with getting out all the toys! Jhonny helped with getting all the boxes down from their various hiding places and then setting up the Reindeer in front of the house along with the lights.

Time to take the Nutcracker out and set up treats for the delivery folks!

That made me so cheerful seeing everything all bright and shinny. Jhonny put-up some sort of fairy lights that make the bamboo sparkle too along with helping to trim the grownups tree downstairs.

And then a most interesting production of Cinderella by the L.A. Opera.

It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years since I’d been in the Founders Room. So lovely having dinner there again.

We got to celebrate Sweet Lynne’s birthday amidst all the Christmas joy…

The Architects of Los Angeles had a Christmas gala at Carol Soucek King’s and it was such a joy to explore her magnificent grounds and home, all ready for Christmas!

Afterwards we had the loveliest time with Yi-Lin, Curtis, Nino and Carol…soooo cozy!

Along with the tour, we got to see one of Carol’s exquisite Kimono’s.

Talented artist Jody Wiggins had a lovely show at the University Club in Pasadena so Patricia, Curtis, Yi-Lin and I went there after Carol Soucek King’s Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life.

After that, off we all went to see Ted Smudde’s ceramic works. Ted’s the talented husband of dear Pam Tom, documentarian of the tour de-force ‘Tyrus’.

Curtis, Pam Tom and me with Patricia Ferber, Ted and Yi-Lin.

Wonderful to also get to catch up with Kim Wong. So delighted to have her gift me with a blank scroll that had belonged to Tyrus. Thrilling!

Kita was very entertaining as I drank copious amounts of coffee and somehow got the Christmas cards out.

Sandie Girl checks out the grownups tree.

And so do Curtis and Yi-Lin.

Great fun with Intern Sophie, her sister Stephanie and mom Dr. Wai-Yee who visited just in time to see Curtis and Yi-Lin.

Time for the kiddie’s tree in the studio.

Just some highlights…

It was disappointing to miss Valerie Foster Hoffman’s Christmas gala which is always over the top fabulous but I was able to see the decorations a few days later.

I still found time to satisfy my BTS addiction.

And managed to watch a 70 episode Chinese drama…Rise of The Phoenixes.

Christmas Day was delightful at Nino’s spectacular Buff and Hensman home. We had a grand time!

After Christmas dear friends came over to continue the festivities…It was so wonderful to see dear Izabela and Wayne!

Maryam in her too cute sweater and red boots!

Delightful Dave and Alexis…

Tea and Panettone with ever delightful Tricia.

To end the year in a glorious way, Carol Soucek King hosted a gathering at El Portal Restaurant honoring Danielle Villicana, brilliant artist and gallery owner in Arezzo, Italy.

It was wonderful being with artist extraordinaire Peter Adams, Danielle and sublime sculptor Christopher Slatoff. Inspiring talented friends to close the year.

May all you could hope for come to fruition in 2022! I wish you JOY!!!

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