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I’m continually amazed and delighted with all the wonderful things that continually happen. Considering that, I thought it would be best to have two blogs for March starting with a talk I gave to the Zamorano Club on “Understanding Chinese Painting Through Western Eyes.”

Wondrous Tania Norris asked me to be the guest speaker for March and I was so happy she invited lovely Nicole Cavender, Director of the Huntington’s Botanical Gardens to be her guest.

Each month there’s a Zoom meeting for students who attended the previous weeks Crowdcast class. It’s always great fun to see everyone’s work… not so much in critiquing it!

On to the Music Center for dinner at Kendall’s. They’ve changed it quite a bit and we’re missing the elegant “theatre” feel it had before.

Nom Nom…

On to the Ahmanson Theatre for the brilliant production of The Lehman Trilogy. The story of one family’s rise and then fall…You do remember Lehman Brothers I’m sure.

There were two intermissions so it was terrific to be able to relax in the Founder’s Room.

Sherry Dewane’s ‘Play Review’ for March was still held on Zoom. Featured were Elvira Orly who along with her sister Hona, founded the “Orly Museum of Hungarian Culture.” I’ll be the speaker in April which will be the first in person event since our sequestering!

It was great fun to see Linda Meadows wearing her Nan Rae scarf!

On to meet dear Carol Soucek King at a book signing for Rosecrans Baldwin hosted by Zelda Wong, GGA at Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena. And yes, that’s really his name. I ordered my copy of “Everything Now” ahead of time from Amazon. His take on LA is most interesting.

It’s a given Carol knows everyone, so no surprise that she’s having a delightful conversation with Mireya Jones, who along with her husband, Dr. Chuck Jones founded Jones Coffee Roasters. This family’s fine coffee is grown in Guatemala and worth a trip to Pasadena!

Back to the Music Center with Amy and Veronica to watch the Technical Rehearsal for “Bernstein Dances/Hamburg Ballet/John Neumeier.”

Back to work, taking 86 paintings to May at Chiang’s Frame on Telstar Ave. in El Monte to mount for me… remembering all the years when I did that myself! Also had two for May to frame… she’s the best!

I know May… it’s a lot!

Well that’s about half way through the month, but just one more thing before I close. You know about my delightful neighborhood gathering held a few times each year. It was dear Izabela and Waynes turn and they did a lovely job of treating us and planning a perfect afternoon. Here’s Wayne & Izabela, me, Kert & Maryam and Dave & Alexis. Also in view, part of Waynes collection of over 200 juke boxes!

Right after that I dashed over to dear Amy’s where she had a delightful feast celebrating our precious Lisa Bowman, in town for just that weekend!

There were many more nom nom’s lovingly prepared by Amy and then two exquisite Tenmokus hand made cups for me from Lisa…hey, it’s not my birthday!!

I’ve gone on way too much and again, it’s just half of March… wait ’till you see the other half!

I wish you joy!!!

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