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And what could be more joyful than the privilege of giving the Meditation for dear Carol Soucek King’s “Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life”. The theme for March was “Possibility” with three visionary sculptors speaking about their work. Brilliant Tolanna began the discussion describing how she created the delightful bust of Carol, capturing her joie de vivre. Tolanna was featured in “The Fine Art of Faking It,” a NOVA documentary on PBS.

Next to speak was Sculptor Extraordinaire, the renowned Christopher Slatoff, creator of large scale public art pieces. Christopher first came to the Salon in 2005 to hear Ray Bradbury speak and the two became collaborators on “The Illustrated Man.”

Christopher described working with Maurizio and Danielle Villicana D’Annibale, Artistic Director of Via Cavour 85, on a monument honoring the great Renaissance painter and art historian Giorgio Vasari for the city of Arezzo, Italy.

Award-winning videographer Curtis McElhinney ( presented a film he did for Christopher Slatoff on his magnificent statue of Hecuba, Queen of Troy that is the guardian of USC Village’s Central Piazza.

It was so interesting to hear how Lovely Elizabeth Pollnow, who lives in the desert, makes her own clay and in doing so, finds its soul!

That evening, our dear Carol treated her “Salon Stars” to a delightful dinner at El Portal in Pasadena.

Nom nom!!!

Last May I mentioned in my Blog that I had a sneak peek of the Magistrate’s House at the Huntington Botanical Gardens with a marvelous descriptive talk by Robert Hori, the Huntington’s Garden Cultural Curator and Program Director. The house had been brought…piece by piece…from Japan and was in the process of being re-assembled. This is what the house looked like then.

Well, Thomas Polansky, V.P. for Operations at the Huntington gave our little group a progress report tour of the Magistrate’s House, originally built in 1680 and it was amazing.

It was wonderful that Robert Hori, the Huntington’s Gardens Cultural Curator and Program Director was able to stop by for a few moments to give us some fascinating details.

I hadn’t done any shows or demonstrations for groups in over ten years but when Michael Belzer, President of Friends of Shoseian and Veronica’s Jodo Sensei asked me to be part of the Cherry Blossom Celebration in the Japanese Garden at Brand Park…I couldn’t resist! Fortunately, Michael had set up tables and a great tent for me but the wind was about to blow us into Kansas!

Thank you Michael for having me be a part of this great event…it was a lovely day!

I always love demonstrating Brush painting and telling people about this wondrous art form so along with that great fun, it was delightful seeing my precious friends who came out to support me. Yi Lin and Curtis along with Sweet Patricia and Gary were some of the first to arrive to cheer me on!

Dear Carol Soucek King is always so supportive for all of her friends and they are many. She can definitely be counted on to boost one with the finest moral support. It was great fun with Carol and dear Pam Tom, Producer, Writer & Director of that amazing film on Tyrus Wong, who was and remains our National Treasure.

Gallerist and amazing woman, Danielle Villicana D’Annibale with her hubby Maurizio are long time dear friends of Carol’s and I was so appreciative of them stopping by.

You probably can’t tell but here’s Po Chu with her delightful friend. I don’t know how we missed getting a photo of Sweet Lynne Sims.

Sandie Girl and Dr. Jim not only stopped by but helped us pack up at the end of the event. I did mention it was windy didn’t I? Well, at the very end the canopy went sailing away like a missile, barely missing a group of people!

What a lovely day with beautiful memories…

Thank you Adrian Spence, Founder & Artistic Director of Camerata Pacifica for a stimulating dinner at Arbour and a magnificent concert experience…bravo!

Nom nom…I always get the tuna!

It was wonderful seeing the Ukrainian colors.

Award winning nature photographer Bonnie Flamer visited the Nan Rae Studio to pick out a Crane painting for her home. It was great fun going through various paintings and watching Bonnie’s reaction. It’s always such a joy when someone finds “their painting!”

Bonnie thought this one reminded her of wondrous Carol Soucek King!

And the winner is…

After that we had a delightful lunch on the patio.

First time trying Tender Green’s Avocado toast and it’s fantabulous!

What a joyful day!

Thank you dear Bonnie, this little book is just delightful and how wonderful you’re donating all of the proceeds to the non-profit Buffalo Field Campaign.

Great fun when dear Carol Soucek King came by to pick up her Easter cards!

Kita’s in love with Xavier but it’s a romance mostly from a distance…

I had previously given two Zoom workshops for the Sarasota Chapter of the Sumi-e Society of America and usually let them pick the subject for the class.

This time, wanting to learn the painting of figures, they managed to pick the most complicated painting of mine and I wondered how I would ever be able to accomplish it in three hours! But we did it!!!

Debra Beadle from the Music Center visited the Nan Rae Studio and we had a delightful time!

I’m sooo excited…I ordered a planter from Cedar Planters in Canada and Jhonny planted three varieties of tomatoes, two peppers, squash and well…I’ve forgot what all but it’s wonderful and I can’t wait to start harvesting. Hopefully the little creatures who visit won’t be interested in climbing up there!

And a herb garden…that Kita approves of!

This charming Easter Chick from dear Carol Soucek King arrived to squeals of delight…finishing off the month with JOY!

May you find your happy place!

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