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A world of thanks to Debra Beadle for inviting me to this amazing event. Yes, “The Arts Heal L.A.” Bravo for the Music Center’s 43rd Annual “Very Special Arts Festival” held at the Jerry Moss Plaza.

There were ten different art making workshops and I’ll share a few with you.

Seeing all these very special children and the love, care and attention given to them by dedicated angels is overwhelming. I had no idea the Music Center had been doing such an amazing event for 43 years! These precious children need so much and this is the most wonderful way to make them feel important and indeed special in the most positive way.

One young man walked up to me and gave me this flag he had made!

At that point I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know if I could make it through the rest of the day. Seeing this delightful woman doing a hands on Japanese Brush painting calligraphy was wondrous! She was so patient with each of the children who tried their hand at it.

We sat for a while watching the various performances on stage, many of them by the students themselves.

There was an area where students artwork was displayed.

During lunch in the boardroom we got to hear Robin Olive discuss her amazing dance work with Straight Up Abilities. She so brilliantly encourages those who might otherwise be overlooked.

Keith Wyffels, Music Center Assoc. VP, Education gave us a wonderful overview of the program and the work with LA Unified.

A special bravo to Mimi Song for the vision and heart to fund this moving event going forward. I so wanted you to know about it and hope that you too might be inspired to get on board! You might even get a cookie!

I wish you joy!

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