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All of my precious friends are like beautiful flowers in a garden and May is the wonderful month when I get to be with many of them.

The month started off wonderfully with an invitation to a LA Phil event held in the loveliest private home.

The custom wood details in the interior were so artful and the grounds were perhaps the best planned out I’ve seen. This tree when you first entered the back area captured me.

After socialized with cocktails and nibbles, we were treated to a special performance by the Phil’s violin & viola artists.

Violinist Stacy Wetzel and on the viola hubby Minor Wetzel.

They are the cutest couple!

A sit down dinner was absolutely amazing and I adore my new friend, brilliant, warm and caring Chef Naris who prepared the most amazing, delicious dinner for everyone..

Thank you Richard Watkins, Assoc. Dir. Philanthropy LA Phil for this memorable evening!

And so wonderful May begins. The next event was joining a Center Theatre Group student matinee performance of the Tony Award winner Hadestown.

But first…check in please.

The students were then able to ask questions of the cast and crew.

I love this little group and this time our adventure was visiting the Pasadena Showcase House. Curtis and I had so much fun snapping photos here and there. Here he is with Yi Lin and dear Carol Soucek King…so cute!

Lovely Conchita was in the vendor’s area with her exquisite jewelry reminding me of when I was a vendor so many years ago, showing my Chinese Brush Paintings.

And here we all are: Nino, Yi Lin, Curtis, Patricia, yours truly with Veronica and Carol.

It was such a fun day but we were all too pooped to stay for the Mariachis who just arrived as we were leaving.

I don’t want to forget a Saturday Zoom for the Crowdcast class on Geraniums.

If you didn’t see the Kentucky Derby please do watch it on Youtube for a dose of inspiration. Rich Strike, the $30,000 horse with 80-1 odds won. I tell you, I was puddled up the entire time!

That Sunday was Mother’s Day which is always lovely but bittersweet.

Kita cheered me up with her card.

As it was the second Sunday in May, it was time for Carol Soucek King’s Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life on Zoom facilitated by Curtis McElhinney.

This month’s theme was Gratitude with beautiful talks by Susan Olsen and Janice Bryant.

Carol is always so gracious and kind to mention my books and scarves.

That evening the presenters at the Salon were treated to a yummylicious dinner at El Portal by thoughtful, generous, dear Carol and here we all are.

Sandie Reilly and I had decided to have an alternating house cooking extravaganza and with the completion of her fantabulous new kitchen and after a year of construction, it was time to start. How fabulous is this pull out spice shelving!

I really wasn’t much help.

The goal was sea scallops with vegetable ragout and a grapefruit salad.

We’re both May babies …

Sandie’s turn…

Every year Operation Walk has a lovely thank you luncheon for the ‘Angel’ supporters at the Annandale Country Club and I was delighted to share it with dear Carol Soucek King.

Sweetest of the sweet Win Crowley was thrilled to have her raffle ticket bring her one of my donations…a scarf, book and greeting cards!

I can hardly believe all this and it’s only two weeks into May. Next week starts my birthday ‘stuff’ so I should probably close with just one more event. My goodness, this living joyfully can be exhausting!!!

The inimitable Tom Backer thought it would be a good idea if we went to a performance of LA Opera’s production of On Gold Mountain at the Huntington as we have so many connections to it. I had said yes weeks before all of the above was even in view. It was great fun seeing dear Lisa See.

O.K., that’s definitely it for now…I need a nap.

Your assignment? LIVE JOYFULLY!

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