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Veronica is quite possibly the most creative and certainly the most thoughtful and always manages to pull of amazing birthday surprises. At the stroke of midnight on the 18th, I was called to come into the studio.

There were balloons up to my knees, streamers of lights at the French doors and beautiful hand made paper flowers from Canada, and the pièce de résistance, a custom wood banner!! And don’t forget the cake because it’s all about the cake!

Dearest Carol Soucek King always remembers my birthday in the most wondrous, extravagant way and this year it was a lovely luncheon at Avra in Beverly Hills. Sweet Amy did the beautiful flowers for the table…Peonies and can you imagine…Parrot Tulips from Holland!

In all the excitement we didn’t get a group foto but I have to show you these…Thank you Elegant Carol for the memorable joy!

They let us bring Veronica’s cake and it was soooo good!

As always, thoughtful Carol did not forget Kita the Akita in all the excitement but had a special treat for her as well! Kita, can you say ”thank you Carol and Handsome Xavier”?

Is it no wonder I wake up every day wondering how did I get so blessed!!!

How are you with surprise parties? Have you ever had one? I must say in all my years…not counting Veronica’s over the top surprises…I have never had a surprise party until…

Curtis and Yi Lin had invited me to lunch at the Huntington for my birthday and when I arrived there…..SURPRISE!!!

I mean really surprise!!! I screamed so loud you probably heard me! The upside of that is everyone eating there came by smiling and wishing me a happy Birthday!

How adorable are these dear Peeps: Carol, Patricia, Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong, Yi Lin, Curtis, me and Veronica! I was stunned…

Don’t forget the cake…

The party’s over…but wait…what’s this…The Huntington doesn’t allow flowers (carrying coals to Newcastle) or balloons, so…

We certainly got the party started and that’s what I wish for you. Lots of cake, flowers and balloons but most of all, all the love your heart can hold!

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