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Starting with a ‘Happy Birthday to Me’ at the Castaways thanks to Lovely Marine, her adorable daughter Alyssa and Sweet sister Eliza!

And White Peonies…imagine that!

Brilliant Gallerist Maryam Seyhoun, whose mother was Massoumeh Seyhoun, famous Iranian artist and gallery owner visited by Andy Warhol. Maryam’s father, Master Houshang Seyhoun, architect of 5 historic monuments and over 300 major buildings in Iran who was also a noted artist who exhibited with Picasso and Salvador Dali. Well, this amazing Maryam assembled the most brilliant group of people since Thomas Jefferson dined alone to present brilliant composer, Lovely Niloufar Nourbakhsh along with Adrian Spence, Founder & Artistic Director of Camerata Pacifica. The event was held in a stunning, art filled home in Pasadena overlooking the Arroyo.

Adrian Spence, Founder and Artistic Director of Camerata Pacifica.

There were also yummy nom noms by John Robinson of JR Party Planning…sooo good!

I just had to show you the butler!

Beautiful Mary and I celebrate our birthdays at Ca Del Sol in Toluca Lake.

Master Calligrapher Qingnian Tang visited the studio to discuss his upcoming class.

Thanks to dear Miss Judith’s extraordinary generosity I finally did the olive oil tasting with awesome world class Olive Oil Judge Johnny Madge who now lives in Valencia, Spain where he conducts his fantabulous tours. Miss Judith had sent me 5 different oils for my birthday last year when Johnny was living in Italy. It took forever to connect but we finally did it. He’s so knowledgeable and I just hope I can remember half of what he taught me!

Ah yes, I feel the burn.

I’m loving having lunch on my little patio instead of going out and that’s especially true now that I’m a farmer.

Dear Debra and I had a delightful time harvesting veggies and herbs after lunch.

I look forward each month to Inimitable Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ and June was no exception. After 26 years, the Salon is now held on Zoom facilitated by award winning videographer Curtis McElhinney. The guest speaker was Master Storyteller David Bender with Kathleen Travis, Nathan Haines and Jen Grey. Dr. Dean LeGrand Carlston sang his original composition as did Douglas Decker. Joyful Janet Martorello who always leads off with her Himalayan Singing Bowls read her inspiring poem written in her beautiful calligraphy and put into book form. Sweet Susie Katharine Shaw finished the Salon on ‘Humor’ fittingly singing Doodle Doo Doo!

Curtis McElhinney, Award Winning Videographer
David Bender, Universal man and Master Storyteller
Kathleen Travis, Writer
Nathan Haines, Science Fiction author and publisher
Jen Grey, Professor Emerita College of the Arts CSULB
Janet Martorello, Master Calligrapher created this stunning book celebrating experiencing a tree.

After each month’s Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life, dear Carol Soucek King treats her ‘Salon Stars’ to a delicious, fun filled evening at El Portal and the evening following the Salon on Humor was no exception. There were considerably more ‘Stars’ this month! We even got photobombed…look at the back two guys…sooooo funny!

Delightful Carol and Ruth took the opportunity to dance to the fantastic live music! Ruth couldn’t part with the gigantic lollipop Carol gave everyone…I’m torn between enjoying mine or saving it for the studio’s Christmas decorations!

Nom Nom…See my lollipop?

Back to work and off to May at Chiang’s Frame in El Monte to pick up work and drop off even more!

Jhonny is such a huge help getting ready for the upcoming Master Calligraphy class with Qingnian Tang.

Steve Benson from the Music Center stopped by…to Kita’s delight!

And then Josie with the most beautiful orchid from Valerie!

Well, I’m half way through June and there’s some very interesting things coming up so I so hope you’ll visit this blog next time. For now I send you all my love with wishes for overflowing joy!

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