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Beginning with Master Calligrapher Qingnian Tang’s class on the third Saturday of the month in the Nan Rae Studio.

We all worked very hard…

But this ‘lefty’ worked the hardest of all!

After class it was a mad dash for Veronica and me to get ready to go with Sparkling Valerie Foster Hoffman to the Bower’s Museum in Santa Ana for the reception introducing the California Club’s 111th Annual Gold Medal Exhibition.

Sculptor extraordinaire and all around great human…Christopher Slatoff!

Besides bring a brilliant artist, Peter Adams has always been the finest gentleman…It’s been an honor to know him absolutely forever! We met when I took classes from Theodore Lukits and Peter was his apprentice so many ages ago!

Bravo Elaine and Peter Adams for this marvelous show. It’s wonderfully curated and the artists are all exceptional. I so hope everyone gets to see it!

A couple of admirers….

Enjoyed watching a video…

Award and hug time…

Thank you Lovely Valerie for an absolutely beautiful day and delightful dinner at Celestino’s!

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t conducted a live workshop in over two and a half years. That made having one at University Village in Thousand Oaks even more meaningful. It’s always great fun introducing Brush painting to ‘never before’ adults! There was a wonderful setup with screens showing the up close and personal.

But then you know I love go go about and give everyone personal attention.

What fun!

With Holly Butler, Life Enrichment Director, who organized the day.

I hadn’t been to Little Dom’s in over three years so when Nancy, new friend from the Hampton’s, suggests it being just down the block from her…well… and it didn’t disappoint. Everything was as scrumptiously yummylicious as remembered!

Remember all that work mounted at Chang’s Frame? Well, it has to be scanned, given a SKU, entered into the catalog and uploaded to the website after I’ve signed and titled everything. Sophie is moving along at a good pace with this mountain of work.

Being organized helps so much when collectors are looking for a specific work. It was delightful watching Eliza and Tyler select their ‘Perfect Panda’ to celebrate baby Yzabelle’s first birthday. She adores Pandas…soooo cute!!!

And the winner is…

Meanwhile writer Dave and Veronica are busy working on a business plan for Dave’s adorable children’s book ‘Fuzzy Tales.’ You will absolutely love it!

I’m so loving my little patio and its new plants and veggies that it was a bit disappointing to have the weather be cooler dictating eating inside when Lovely Maggie came over. She brought a yummy lunch from Julienne’s and we sat with the new placemats from the Met…intended for outside!

I always look forward to the Crowdcast online Brush painting class as there are so many interesting students from all over the world! Painting the White Magnolia was difficult but as always…great fun!

After working hard it’s time to go to Monte Carlo deli for nom noms!

I must say Sunday ended July in the most delightful, wonderful way beginning with a beautiful brunch poolside at the Valley Hunt Club hosted by our Lovely Marguerite! Besides being my absolutely favorite club, the food is always sensational. Does this make us ‘The Ladies Who Lunch’???

As usual, our most elegant Carol Soucek King did not disappoint!

You’d think that lovely time would suffice for the day but oh no…it was off to Disney Hall for the YOLA National Festival, culminating a 10 day orchestra intensive that brings together young musicians from El System-nationwide for world-class instruction and mentorship. I was so inspired I literally cried!

There was a two and a half hour break so we walked across the street to the new Conrad Hotel for the most amazing dinner at San Laurel. No surprise there as it’s a José Andrés restaurant. He’s one of my top heroes!!!

I even got to visit behind the scenes …

…and meet the Head Chef Jeff Chen!

There was just time to have a tour of the pool area and see the residential building also designed by Frank Gerry before heading back to Disney Hall.

To close out the event, Gustavo Dudamel, Music & Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, conducted the William Tell Overture by Rossini. I was expecting the Long Ranger to appear on Silver as the audience overwhelmingly approved the brilliant musicians.

It was so touching to watch these older students bask in Dudamels obvious approval! Bravo YOLA National!

I wish you sweet treats each day…

…and beautiful flowers along the way. Live Joyfully!

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