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There’s no better way to begin the second half of the month than with Inimitable Carol Soucek King’s “Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life.” This month’s theme was “Kindness” and the main presenters were Ruth and Rick Megiddo with their fine documentary “Kind Re-Encounters and Discoveries in Argentina.”

As always, brilliant Award Winning Videographer Curtis McElhinney ( controls all the bells and whistles to produce a perfect ZOOM presentation.

And I don’t want to forget the musical presentations by Dean LeGrand Carlston…

Douglas Decker…

Tavo Olmos and Clara Levy…

And of course the finale always sung by Lovely Susie Katherine Shaw.

I am always so grateful to dear Carol as she is the most supportive of friends one could ever hope for. I must say the Nan Rae “Love in Bloom” scarf does look especially lovely on her!

Well there were many more speakers in the Salon but I suggest you join in on the second Sunday of each month for your grand dose of inspiration!

After the Salon dear Carol treats her “Stars” to a joy filled dinner at El Portal in Pasadena.

And a special Happy Birthday to Veronica…

Watch for exciting news about this little guy!

He had a photo shoot in the studio with his hooman….

Calligraphy class in the studio with Master Qingnian Tang was marvelous as usual…

Everyone was taught how to write their name. Here’s mine! (Auspicious Orchid)

I wonder all the time how I got so blessed to have the most amazing friends. Tania Norris is a case in point. Tania was Walt Disney’s designer and is most famous for the “Purple Wallpaper” which is now so ubiquitous. She’ll be leaving shortly for a major Disney cruise where she’ll be signing autographs and posing for photographs. You’ll be amazed if you Google her!

Tania had a grand birthday bash at Santuari with the most amazing people there including Walt Disney’s granddaughter and the creator of animatronics that are found in theme parks worldwide!

Meet Disney Historian, delightful and most awesome Marcy Carriker Smothers.

I’m thrilled to have two of her amazing books, “Eat Like Walt” and “Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World!”

A fun game to play is name a country Tania hasn’t been to. (It’s over 130 at last count!)

A designer from California Closets was here to measure for cabinets in the office. Hopefully that will help us with the ever mounting clutter.

It’s fascinating to watch them work up the area on their laptop, changing and adding this and that.

Dinner with Laurie Pie is always wonderful…this time it was at Prosecco Trattoria “where everyone knows your name.”

Well by now you must know we absolutely love, love, love birthdays and celebrating Veronica at the Langham was no exception.

It’s all about the cake and this one from the Langham’s Catering Department rang the bell!

I tried to make this a surprise but Veronica’s just too smart for me…

Oh how I love this little group, Elegant Carol Soucek King with Sculptor, Sweet Patricia Ferber, our Bon Vivant Kevin Casey, Brilliant Designer Nino Wong and Award Winning Videographer Curtis McElhinney! We’re missing the “Kindest Man on the Planet” – Yi Lin!

It was way after 4:00 but we didn’t want the day to end so Veronica and I went to the Tap Room at The Langham.

And because we didn’t have enough to eat….

Oh, there was also another cake…chocolate!

The Huntington’s Mid-Autumn Moon Celebration was the most magical evening. Special thanks to Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong, Head Docent in the Chinese Garden. Can you spot the “Lady in the Lake” who sang to the enraptured crowds?

Yi Lin, Kevin Casey, Patricia Ferber, Carol Soucek King, Veronica and Curtis McElhinney as we watched and listened to the stunning performance.

Yours truly with the ‘fake’ moon that shone so gloriously!

Bon vivant Kevin Casey with Yi Lin, Kindest Soul on Planet Earth and Award Winning Videographer Curtis McElhinney.

Yi Lin captures Patricia and Curtis checking out a beautiful copy of an antique Qin (Chinese Zither).

The food at the Jade Court is really nom nom!

Great fun seeing Jamie Butterworth, President of the Burbank Art Association and Nan Rae collector Suzanne.

Now you know if there’s a dog anywhere near my radar it will be photographed!

Cute Intern Sophie…

Always fun in the studio…

Sweet Lynne came by with a yummy birthday cake and ice cream for Veronica…

…and lots of treats for Kita the Akita!

No puppy, you can’t go home with Lynne!

Lovely Maggie picks up her greeting cards beautifully created by Veronica!

I can’t think of a better way to close out a month than celebrating a friends birthday. Celebrating two is even better. Lovely Marine and her sweet sister Eliza. We partied at the Langham in Pasadena.

I was so excited to gift Marine with Disney Historian Marcy Carriker Smothers book “Eat Like Walt.” Marcy even gave me a wonderful note to go with the book!

May you find joy and beautiful flowers everywhere!

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