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Thank you dear Kathy and Clara for the splendiferous birthday dinner at the Peninsula’s Belvedere restaurant!

Of course it’s all about the cake but the amazing Plant Based Tasting Menu was wonderful!

It’s always time for a stop at Monte Carlo Deli…

But the truth is that it’s the gelato that calls us back!

Dr. Eileen came by with treats from Portos and great hugs for Kita!

Veronica and I drove to Terranea Resort to continue celebrating her birthday!

One of these days we’ll actually get a photo of her!

The Puppies there were more cooperative…

Well almost….

I really do think surprise parties are the best. You know I had my very first one this year and I was totally and completely surprised. However, pulling off a surprise for our Wondrous Carol Soucek King is just near impossible but Curtis McElhinney ( somehow managed to get in a little surprise after all.

Carol had some friends over and about an hour after they had gathered, Veronica and I walked in with the ‘cake’ because it’s all about the cake and the candle!

We were followed by Nino who brought the nom nom lunch from Chipotle that Curtis had ordered.

I was so delighted to see Tammy Huang-Anacleto, absolutely one of my very favorite peeps. How she manages to excel at everything is beyond me….amazing mother, wife, Co-Founder & President of College Launch in Pasadena along with being a brilliant, giving, caring community leader!

And here we all are…

What a joy to know you lovely Carol, you bless every life you touch…Happiest of Birthdays!

If you’ve followed this blog, you know how inspiring Wondrous Carol Soucek’s King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ is. This month, focusing on ‘Harmony’ was no exception.

It’s all possible on Zoom thanks to Curtis McElhinney’s professional expertise.

I always love the closing song by Sweet Susie Kathryn Shaw!

Everyone is loving the calligraphy class taught by Master Tang Qingnian.

Of course I was delighted dear Brenda Cooper, Emmy Award Winner for Costuming ‘The Nanny’ joined the class.

I must say Brenda really took to it!

Dinner With Tom Backer, PhD is always so interesting…This was at Ca Del Sole, always wonderful Italian food!

I’ve been wanting to go to ‘Random Acts of Breadness‘ on Magnolia in Burbank since it opened over a year ago. Artisan baker Randall Michael Tobin gave me a tour and a marvelous education in Breadness!

It was great fun sharing the sourdough with Sweet Debra B. from the Music Center who kindly brought over lunch. Kita kept wondering where hers was!

Our dear Kc’s brother Commander Mike visited the studio…

And the next day he hosted a beautiful luncheon at Shutters on the Beach, gathering several of the people most important to dear Kc.

There’s no doubt that the ‘Hostess With the Mostest’ is Valerie Foster Hoffman who may phone you for a ‘simple, casual little dinner.’ Ha, don’t believe it. You’ll have the most amazing feast ever with a stunning presentation that can’t be beat!

Of course it’s always perfect when Carol Soucek King can be there!

Time out for puppy…

Would you just look at this table…Thank you Chef Josie!

And we went home with not only gifts for ourselves but a bag of treats for our puppies! Soooo delighted!

I am so blessed to have these lovely people in my neighborhood. We get together, alternating houses, every couple of months to catch up and have a splendid time.

Thank you Amazing Dave and Alexis for a delightful evening!

Alexis besides being an award- winning lighting director is a woman with tools and can do just about anything! The mosaic is Dave’s with a bit of help from you know who!

This fine fellow is about to become a star…more on that later!

Night, night everyone!

May all your days be happy ones surrounded by all you hold dear and filled with joyful delights!

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