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It pours! Coming from Chicago, I know weather, and what happens out here in sunny California is rarely that….until now. My gosh, you’d think I’d melt, but there’s no going out in downpours! Sadly I canceled quite a few things but found out that life goes on. Fortunately, it wasn’t raining for the very first Brush painting class in the studio since the pandemic. It was wonderful, and there was so much love circulating you could feel it!

Sweet Maree wrote the most beautiful note to me, explaining a beautiful Native American tradition…

And here’s the adorable cup!

It was a beautiful Plumalicious day!

Have you been to the Oaks at Lakeside?

I was so delighted I looked like Kita at dinner time!

Cousin Ronald was in town from Memphis & we had a lovely dinner at Prosecco Trattoria in Toluca Lake!

Had a fabulous meal at Terra’s rooftop grill at Eataly L.A.!

My favorites were the grilled Abruzzo-style skewers…

and the Burrata con Aspargi with the best-ever bread & pesto!

I would go back today just for the Tiramisu Della Nonna …

and the Hazelnut cream with Pralinato center surrounded by chocolate cake! They are two of the best desserts I’ve ever had!!!

I want to do all my grocery shopping at Eataly!

Do you know about the amazing ‘SPOTLIGHT‘ program at the Music Center? It’s a free, nationally recognized performing arts competition with scholarships and an artist development program for Southern California high school students.

The students receive expert advice, coaching, and master classes taught by professional artists and arts administrators in acting, ballet, dance, classical instrumental, jazz instrumental, classical voice, and nonclassical voice categories. Learn more about the amazing program and how you can support it at I’m looking forward to the finalists’ grand finale and supporters’ dinner in June!

Supporters get invited to the ‘Spotlight’ Mastery classes. I’ve been to one for Dance and Saturday. It was thrilling to sit in on the Classical Voice Mastery Class with two-time Emmy award-winning Suzanna Guzmán…Google this original Associate Artist of LA Opera.

Security check-in for the Master Class was at the Andrea Van de Kamp Artist Entrance just after Kendall’s Brasserie….making walking back a must-stop for dinner later.

A class photo of the finalists in the Classical Voice competition.

There was an intimate lunch in the Rigler-Deutsch Boardroom…

Special thanks to dear Debra Beadle, who does such a magnificent job of shepherding Music Center supporters!

Kudos to awesome Peggy and Diane, whose stellar contributions to the Music Center benefit so many!

I’m in complete and utter awe of Rachel Moore, the President and CEO of the Music Center…truly a force of nature! She’s done so much to have the Music Center be all-inclusive and welcoming to everyone in Los Angeles. Bravo!!!

Back to the Master Class and then dinner at Kendall’s. I’ll just show you dessert!

This month, Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ was skillfully navigated by Janet Martorello doing double duty with her Himalayan Singing Bowls and then managing the ZOOM as Curtis McElhinney was filming elsewhere.

As always, Dean LeGrand Carlston’s dulcet tone opened the Salon with ‘You Needed Me.’

This month’s theme from Carol’s inspiring book ‘Under the Bridges at Arroyo del Rey’ (available on Amazon) was ‘Possibility.’ The genesis and content of the new book ‘Archaeology of Metaphor: The Art of Gilah Yelin Hirsch’ were discussed with the artist and Donna Stein, art historian, curator, and art critic.

Douglas Decker never fails to bring us to tears, but this month’s ‘Here for a Good Time’ was delightful!

Sweet Patricia Ferber, Sculptor extraordinaire, read her poem on ‘Possibility.’


Catching a moon beam, wishing upon a star, dreams of possibility. 

P – is for Positive, being optimistic.

O – is for Opportunity of the golden moments in time.

S – is for Sensitivity to finer feelings, thoughtfulness.

S – is for Sensibility, insight, awareness. 

I – is for Imagination, fantasy, dreams of possibilities creating passion within.

B – is for Beauty one’s aesthetics, visions of wonder, splendor.

I – is for Inspiration triggering our creativity, insight, peace.

L – is for Love, warmth, friendships, unselfishness, care, kindness.

As my dear friend Dabney Zorthian always said, “Be love and do good work”.  

I – is for Intuition, this we must trust, in and listen to our inner voice.

T – is for Treasure, all that we have, cherish, appreciate.

Y – is for YES, stay young-at-heart, absolute certainty, creating Possibility. 

Freddie Stroma’s lyrics in his song Possibilities, says- “It is written in the stars”.  “It is in front of us… close enough to touch, far enough to have some time to see”. 

Lovely Actress Susie Katharine Shaw sang ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’

Thoughtful Carol celebrated her Salon ‘Stars’ at El Portal.

And Carol’s interaction with this adorable little girl was absolutely priceless!

And with this adorable pup!

It’s halfway through March, and already, so much joy! Even with all the rain…the nesting doves are back, and my heart feels so full! May spring bring you so much gladness!

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