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The most beautiful day was also the most inspiring, being at the Music Center’s ’44 Annual Very Special Arts Festival!’

And the most fun!

Seeing the children with such special needs being applauded and celebrated and having so many delightful events planned around them is inspiring and heartwarming.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in going with me next year. I promise you’ll be inspired, and I also must warn you to bring the Kleenex! This program is so worthwhile everyone in LA should support it!

At noon there was a lovely luncheon for donors, and we got to hear more about all the wonderful things the Music Center is doing for these young people.

I was delighted to sit next to sweet Alyce Williamson (in white). Awesome Peggy Collins must have said something really funny!

I’m in complete and total awe of Rachel Moore, President & CEO of the Music Center, because of all the marvelous programs she is responsible for.

A world of thanks, dear Debra Beadle, for shepherding us all so wonderfully! You’re too cute!

Back to Earth…The calligraphy class with Master Tang was wonderful, as always.

It’s always a joy to have Brenda Cooper, Emmy Award-winning Stylist for the iconic TV series, ‘The Nanny,’ in class.

Right after class, it was off to Yvonne Zhu’s Kylin Gallery in Beverly Hills for the final day of Master Brush Painter Yoshio Ikezaki’s breathtaking exhibit. Award Winning Videographer Curtis McElhinney, Sculptor Extraordinaire Patricia Ferber, and yours truly with Wondrous Carol Soucek King, who, as always, brought us all together!

It was thrilling to have the opportunity to watch Yoshio demonstrate to an enthralled audience.

Yoshio Ikezaki, me, and dear Carol with Curtis and Patricia doing a great photo bomb!


Thank you, Amazing Yvonne, for this brilliant exhibit and the following quote.

Operation Walk has an ‘Angels’ luncheon for supporters each year at the Annandale Country Club. Founded by Dr. Laurence Dorr, a master surgeon, humanitarian, and leader in the field of joint replacement. Operation Walk has been at the forefront of fighting joint disease throughout the world, one surgery at a time. In providing this service, they restore mobility, independence, and hope.

Sign in please.

Here are the countries served.

Jeri Ward, R.N. (on the left) helped Dr. Dorr establish Operation Walk and continues today to be the life force of the organization.

Sweet Winn, philanthropist extraordinaire, is sooo adorable, besides being a huge fan of my work!

Dr. John Callaghan, Professor of Orthopedics at the University of Iowa, now heads the organization.

Brilliant William Long, MD, is a co-Medical Director.

Lunch was lovely.

We all remember with such fondness artist and philanthropist Gayle Garner Roski who was one of the founders of Operation Walk and produced this charming book.

Back in the office, Veronica interviews a prospective intern on ZOOM.

There was a student matinee performance of ‘The Green Table’ featuring the Paul Taylor Dance Company at the Music Center. Thank you Rob…you’re the best! And thank you Hannah and Pip!

A joyful day being with thousands of students from throughout Los Angeles County.!

Always delightful seeing Miriam Birch. You remember she came to the studio to discuss her soon-to-be-published book.

It’s no secret Terri is one of my favorite peeps! We can barely see Sweet Debra, who wonderfully shepherds all of us!

Afterwards, there was a light luncheon in the Founders Room & we were told more about The Music Center’s education initiatives and outreach by Robin Branch-Scott.

Back home to get ready for the Brush Painting class in the studio, which is the best way to close out April. Wonderful to have Lauren in class (when she’s not circling the globe with her amazing photography!)

Everyone was really focused.

Laurie was hard at work!

Demo time…

Filming in class….

Bravo Violet!

Lucina brought a wonderful Landscape she’s been working on at home.

New student Anna is absolutely delightful and a joy to have in class!

Bravo everyone….so much love!

Puppy sends her love with wishes for a treat-filled May!

And remember…

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