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Thank you, Wondrous Carol Soucek King, for telling us about brilliant artist Matt Locke‘s exhibit at the Knoll House, organized by Public Relations expert Carolyn Kamii. Matt is delightful, as evidenced by this photo!

So wonderful to see Dr. Thomas Backer, a psychologist and management consultant specializing in nonprofits and philanthropic strategy. Tom is the author of more than 500 books, articles, and research reports, among his many accomplishments. I’m always delighted to be in his company!

Wondrous Carol with framer extraordinaire Viva Sullivan.

This amazing work is a map of Beverly Hills with photographs and names of past movie legends. If you flick a switch alongside a name, the light goes on, showing where they lived.

The Film Colony
Matt Locke (American, b. Colorado Springs)
An illuminated star map. The homes of Golden Age Hollywood stars, 1938 to 1954, marked on a map of Beverly Hills & Bel-Air, lit by LEDs, controlled on a toggle switchboard.
Brass, leather, walnut, MDF, acrylic, LEDs
78″ X 62″

Sculptor Patricia Ferber was entranced by Matt’s work.

Map of midtown Manhattan, Columbus Circle to the left, 8th Ave and Broadway extending southeast on this tilted axis. Studio 54’s location is marked by an iconic female nude figure. The title is a play on founder Steve Rubell’s brag to the press that “the profits are astronomical. Only the mafia does better.”
Walnut, metal, leather, LEDs
77” X 48”
Chaos Theory – The Metaheuristic
Matt Locke (American, b. Colorado Springs)
View from a midtown Manhattan hotel room, Kevin gazing into a giant plastic sphere photographed in Los Angeles.
Open-edition prints.
The artist’s belts and boots amid mirror, washers, and repurposed metal objects in a solid wood frame.
Wood, plywood, aluminum, steel, leather
98” X 28”
Memphis-school architectural elements. Vintage magazines and postcards. ‘80s superstars including Annie Lennox & French siren Beatrice Dalle.
Wood, brass, aluminum, magazines, LEDs
72” X 48”
Painted wooden geometric elements over a collage of pages torn from magazines and books.
Wood, MDF, magazines, paper
36” X 65”

This was really interesting. NYC and Studio 54.

Map of midtown Manhattan, 8th Ave & 54th St. Hand-constructed basswood buildings. Studio 54 as a lighthouse.
Walnut, basswood, LEDs

The gallery is on the grounds of the Virginia Steele Scott home, designed by architect Myron Hunt. If you have a spare $38,500,000. It’s yours!

I’m so very proud of Sweet Lynne Sims, whose work is so fine.

Thoughtful Eliza brought her floor man over to check out my ‘issues’! Kita always assumes everyone comes to see her.

It’s my great joy to have private Master Classes for the Incomparable Brenda Cooper, Emmy-winning stylist for ‘The Nanny’ and author of ‘The Silhouette Solution: Using What You Have to Get the Look You Need.’ Awesome Brenda is working on her upcoming exhibition in the fall.

Thank you, dear Brenda, for your support of my books.

Thank you, dear Joycie, for the tickets to the West Los Angeles Symphony’s 28th Anniversary, “A Return to Music,” at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

After hearing sublime Burt Hara, the clarinet is now my favorite instrument!

We were on the “list” for refreshments afterward.

Do I look like a conductor?

Oh, dear Cris, what a wondrous day you gave us at the Huntington Botanical Gardens for my birthday. How delightful, always elegant Carol Soucek King could join us!

I was so thrilled to see my artwork in your office.

Delighted to see Tom Caruth, Curator of the Rose Collection.

What a treat to have tea at the new Rose Garden Tearoom, which officially opens on May 24th!

Now how cute are these ladies…

How cute is this! Thank you, dear Cris, for a perfect day!

Lovely Valerie Foster Hoffman surprised me at the “Play Review’ luncheon with a birthday balloon, chocolate, and cake for everyone! Thank you, dear Valerie!!!

The guest speaker was World Series Champion Gregg Dobbs, who batted left for the Phillies and platooned on third. Besides being delightful, he was inspirational!

I was so happy to see dear Vanya (standing in between Valerie and Carol), who has traveled a most difficult journey so bravely.

Let’s hear it for the Championship Ring!

Everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me when the yummy cake Valerie brought was served!

Can you imagine…I even got a signed baseball (they’re soooo heavy!)

Thank you, Wondrous Carol, for always driving. It’s such a joy to have that special time with you! What fun to see Sweet Maryam and Cookie upon our return. Kita had to come out for a meet and greet!

Meet Chef Brian at Bloomies ’59th & Lex’ who kindly made special Smoothies for Lizzie Girl and me as they

are no longer on the menu!

It was so much fun in the studio having fashion photographer par excellence Karl Owens do a photoshoot for Valerie Foster Hoffman’s soon-to-be-published book ‘Blessings Beyond Measure’ which Karl is producing. Karl brought his own strobe, which made ours (to the left) look very puny!

Strike a pose…

Another view…

Photo approval…

What a fun day!

I see it’s time for me to get to work.

May each day bring you joy!

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