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What better way to begin the month than with a birthday treat! After a lot of different choices, Laurie Pie finally settled on a birthday treat for me, beginning with delicious Rubens at Urth Caffé on Melrose.


I have never been to the ‘Groundlings,’ so going there was great fun!

I am so very proud of two of my students, who are also major ceramicists! They both exhibited their wares at the SOCAL Etsy Guild Market over the weekend, and it was a joy to support them!

Here’s China Painter Susan Spohr.

And absolutely delightful and most dear ceramicist Maree Cheatham.

This most charming Rabbit was a must-have! It’s such a joy to see it first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.

Happy Birthday to me! Thank you, Lovely Maggie, for the beautiful tea at Julienne’s, white tablecloth and all!

It’s always joyful being with Lovely Marine and Adorable Alyssa with Beautiful Eliza, Marine’s sister, as they always find such delightful treats for my birthday. Food at Osteria La Buca was amazing, and oh, so much of it!

They’re so cute….wonder what’s in the box?

This darling tea set will go perfectly with dear Carol’s serviettes!

Have to have a candle…

That evening I had dinner with wonderful Dr. Claire and hubby Patrick. I think they’re my favorite couple!

Thoughtful Claire had gotten tickets for Lisa See‘s book signing at All Saints Church!

Ladies from the Bana Tea Company had samples for everyone!

Of course, my favorite time is always with their adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!!! Can you blame me?

The most fun was surprising Kevin and Yi-Lin for their June birthdays! Fogo de Chao in Pasadena is amazing!

The Music Center mentors young people in the arts and has a yearly celebration for the ‘Spotlight’ finalists. First, there was a gathering in the Founder’s Room, where it was great fun seeing Nino and Marguerite…

Sweet Alice is a huge supporter of the arts.

Adorable Peggy is always great fun!

We then went to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to watch the finalists perform.

A late buffet followed.

Thank you, dear Debra, for all that you do!

Rob, you’re the best!

I got the dress code memo for the Hawaiian theme party for adorable Ysabelle, who is now two years old! Eliza and Tyler really do it up big…

It’s all about the cake!

The theme for Wondrous Carol Soucek King’s ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ was ‘Humor’ with Dean LeGrand Carlston singing ‘My Funny Valentine.’

Brilliant David Bender was the moderator with four other storytellers, Edward Goldstein, Graham Lance Richardson, Nathan Haines, and Martha Draper.

Sweet Patricia Ferber‘s poem was perfect! It reminded me of when Charles and I visited Beatrice Wood’s, and she dug right into the box of Godiva chocolates we brought her, telling Charles he should come again…without me!

Humor Me, Humor You 

Sitting on a doorstep, thinking in rhyme

Humor me, humor you.

Slipping on a banana peel is that funny or not,

The movies portray it to be humous a lot.

Humor me, humor you.

There is always The Good Humor Man, offering flavors galore,

making children break out in laughter and joy.

Humor me, humor you.

A day without laughter is like a desert mirage,

searching for water when your throat feels like a marooned barge.

Humor me, humor you.

I bet I can make you laugh by telling a joke,

if only I could remember the punch line in making your laughter evoke.

Humor me, humor you.

 My friend dropped her credit card into her printer,

now, all her client’s costs are paid for which she is billing.

Humor me, humor you.

The artist Beatrice Wood was known to say, “I love young men and chocolates,”

that should bring a smile to one’s face.

Humor me, humor you.

The reverse of humor is like biting into a lemon,

expecting the taste of sweetness like that of maple splendor.

Humor me, humor you.

A day should be designated for universal humor,

and the entire world would be laughing together.

Everybody laugh now!

Patricia Ferber

Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong gave a delightful wrap-up…

And as always, Lovely Susie Katharine graced us with the closing song!

That evening Carol’s ‘Stars’ were treated to a feast at El Portal in Pasadena…

Thank you dear Carol, it was so much fun…

Especially singing Happy Birthday at least four times to the World’s Kindest Man, Yi-Lin!

Yummy too!

The Huntington Botanical Garden’s ‘Heritage Society’ Luncheons are always delightful.

It’s great fun catching up with people I don’t often get to see. Amy and I always love seeing Dr. Eileen.

Jean Osher and I will be in an exhibit in September, and you’ll be hearing more about that.

Nino is head of the Docents in the Chinese Garden.

And, of course, the brilliant head of the Botanical Garden, Nicole Cavender.

Along with Amy, Barbara Motin is one of the sweetest women on planet Earth!

Wonderful that Cris Lutz stopped by our table…

Lenore ‘Nino’ Wong, Architect Bill Ellinger, and Carol Soucek King at Pasadena Heritage.

Yours truly, dear Carol and delightful Suzanne Marks, Chairman of the Board, Pasadena Heritage.

Our dear friend, award-winning filmmaker Curtis McElhinney was the main speaker for the evening. Five Homes by Myron Hunt‘ is a five-part documentary series showcasing homes designed by Myron Hunt. Friends Of Residential Treasures: Los Angeles had a private reception and advance screening at Pasadena Heritage of the fifth and final installment of this documentary series before it is released to the public, showing one of Curtis’ brilliant films, ‘Five Homes of Architect Myron Hunt.’

FORT:LA‘s The Five Homes by Myron Hunt – by Curtis McElhinney (CurtisVision)

Myron Hunt House – Myron Hunt 1905

The Huntington Library, Art Gallery, and Botanical Gardens – Myron Hunt and Elmer Grey 1911

Villa Carlotta – Myron Hunt 1918

Roberts House – Myron Hunt 1922

Thornton Gardens – Myron Hunt 1928

Beautiful Mary treated me to lunch at Ca Del Sole for my birthday!

Precious Lisa has moved away, so it’s always a joy when she’s in town and able to stop by!

What a perfect time with dear Barbara Motin at Mi Piace in Pasadena. Yes, we had extraordinary cocktails!

Just to keep you updated, Loqui Jr., the Loquat Hunter, came by again and voted us the best trash on the hill! Just look at those paws!

With that bit of news, I’ll close for now with June…to be continued, and my wishes for a beautiful, joy-filled month!

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