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It hardly seems possible that a year has passed since we lost our Precious, Lustrous Kc Camp. She was such a joy…a beautiful light in the Brush painting class, and everyone adored her. Today, we had a gathering in the studio for those who knew her best…missing Kathy Wong off to Japan and Sandie Reilly, also traveling.

Brilliantly creative, Veronica set up a memory table for everyone to write their thoughts on Kc, which we will send to Richard, her brother, with their photo attached.

Veronica also created a magnificent slide show showing Kc with all of her fellow Brush painters.

Colleen, Lynne Sims, and Sandy Siegel.

Violet and Laurie.

Veronica had a stunning floral arrangement along with photos of each person with Kc that they could take home.

Veronica had this beautiful photo on the table of Kc where she always sat along with a bouquet of flowers.

Kc knew I loved her ‘Croutons with Smoked Salmon, Goat cheese, Mustard, halfway through fixing them this morning, I realized I forgot the Salmon!

Here’s her recipe!

Everyone brought something absolutely delicious… Po Chu & Violet’s Spring Rolls and other yummies were soooo good!

Kc was the master pie baker, so dear Lynne Sims brought two fantastic homemade pies! (And Ice Cream!!!)

Lovely Amy brought this delicious Pistachio cake.

Laurie, Po Chu, and Violet set everything up so wonderfully.

It was so lovely hearing everyone tell their favorite remembrance of Kc.

Nom nom…

Those of you who have been to a party here know how the ‘Red Bowl’ is put to use! This time we drew numbers to see who would get first, second, and so on. Time to pick a remembrance of Kc from the items her brother Richard had brought over.

Clara chose a paperweight.

Sandy with a Brush Rest.

Lynne chose a Mood Seal.

Everyone seemed to get exactly what was perfect for them. We saved a Seal for Kathy Wong and I think this tray is perfect for Sandy Reilly.

What a touching, lovely day reminding us all to cherish each and every moment in time for they are all precious. I wish you JOY!

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