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Oh yes, we went to pick up Awesome Tania and see her new, amazing digs. Here are some of her botanicals, just outside her door.

Downsizing from her beautiful Hancock Park estate was no small thing, especially for such a collector as Tania. I do know the Getty is thrilled to have her antique botanical books! There’s a delightful little patio off of the living room.

So many collections…so little time!

As you may know, dear Tania was Walt Disney’s Interior Designer and traveled around the world with him.

Today, she has become a Disney ‘Star’ for her ubiquitous ‘Purple Wallpaper,’ and Disney has her traveling near and far for photo ops and to sign autographs.

Too cute!

Tania signed one of the promotional pieces from her last trip, and I took it to May’s later to be framed!

After Tania treated for lunch, we were off to see May at Chiang’s Frame. Tania was taking in her lovely Botanical paintings for framing, and I had several large Brush paintings to be mounted.

Then it was back to work. Intern Mena is doing quite well, trying not to be overwhelmed by the amount of work.

Lunch break! Kita’s in for that!!!

At times, there is work in the office where Kita joyfully supervises.

July’s Brush painting class was great fun….we worked hard and hopefully learned a lot!

Adorable new student Anna took to this medium quite well!

A relaxing dinner at Santuari was needed!

The moon over the house captivated me that evening.

I have a new appreciation for Tom Cruise after seeing the latest ‘Mission Impossible…Dead Reckoning’. It’s great fun to watch all the behind the scenes films.

I didn’t know there was a wonderful hotel at UCLA. Amazing Maggie took me to lunch there…Here we are at Plateia in the Luskin Conference Center!

Back to Chiang’s Frame to pick up the paintings that were mounted and to drop off more of Tania’s Botanical paintings.

I’m so proud of Veronica’s Wisteria painting that I had May frame it. It’s in the office now and brings me so much joy whenever I see it!

And then it was off to Ca Del Sole for lunch with Sweet Alice!

We love a party and what better time than to celebrate brilliant Leonore ‘Nino’ Wong’s birthday at Fogo de Chao, wonderful Brazilian restaurant in Pasadena. Nino is a Designer extraordinaire and Head of the Docents in the Chinese Garden at the Huntington Botanical Garden.

I thought this was so precious….Veronica gave Nino a beautiful frame with a photo of her holding up a card from last year saying, “Best Day Ever!”

Architect Jan and Sculptor Patricia are just too cute! They got the hat memo!

Our three Fashionistas…Marguerite, Dapper Kevin and Wondrous Carol!

Isn’t this the most joyful!!!

It was such a lovely day but we sorely missed Yi-Lin who was in San Francisco with his family. How adorable is his nephew?

Time for dinner at Aroma Cafe in Studio City with my most erudite, brilliant friend, Dr. Tom Backer. I always learn so much!

It was absolutely wonderful when art teacher & amazing volunteer, Jamie Butterworth and writer and Burbank Cultural Arts Commissioner Suzanne Weerts visited the Nan Rae Studio. These two extraordinary women are truly forces of nature!

Movie time…’ Oppenheimer’ was staggering. For sure, a Best Supporting Oscar for Robery Downey Jr.

And now August is upon us. I hope the month is filled with delightful adventures for you and when you’re out and about…I hope you can keep cool!

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