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The Music Center Foundation celebrated 50 spectacular years of doing good, providing excellent service to LA’s cultural community, and supporting The Music Center and its four Resident Companies! The gourmet Sunday brunch was held at Hillcrest Country Club. Thank you, President Steve Benson!!

It’s always wonderful seeing Steve’s delightful wife, author, and Emmy award-winning television producer for the Donahue Show, Lorri Antosz Benson. Most importantly, Lorri is the Founder and CEO of Family Matters, a family advocacy organization, and is a Vice-Chair of Harvest Home.

You know it’s always going to be fun with adorable Peggy!

When I got home, adorable Emilia and brother David stopped by with mom Maria!

Just between us…it’s a perfect excuse to see Kita the Akita!

And the celebration continues with Lovely Eliza’s birthday!

Off to South Coast Plaza for lunch at Knife Pleat.

And a little retail therapy!


Pam sent me this fun photo taken during Wilbur’s ‘Celebration of Life!’ This was my second time around!

Here’s another one. My first ride!

Miss Judith thoughtfully sent me this article on Ohtani!

What a delightful lunch at the Getty with two of my favorite Peeps, Awesome Terri and Lizzie Girl!

I’m always thrilled whenever I see young people at the Getty, the Music Center, and the Huntington Botanical Gardens!

Yes… Art is for everybody!

Opera time!

But first, dinner in the Founder’s Room with Lovely Carol Soucek King. Chris Johnsten and Amy from LA Opera stopped by to say hello.

She who will not be photographed had her bling on!

There was barely time during intermission to gobble up a grape!

I asked these adorable girls if they were opera singers, and they answered in the affirmative. How did I ever guess? I told them to look up the Music Center’s ‘Spotlight Program.’

Most Kind Carol Soucek King always remembers my mom’s birthday with a special celebration. Last year and this it was at the Jonathan Club at the beach! Dear Susi always joins us, as does ‘She who will not be photographed!’

Dear Carol always brings special photographs….the one with both our moms is my very favorite!

How wonderful of Carol to gift us with these exquisite crystal remembrances!

Being at the beach and seeing the ocean, the source of all life makes it even more meaningful! Thank you, dear Carol!!!

Love you mom!

Going with dear Maryam and Kert to the Alliance Francaise de Los Angeles Gala held at the Residence de France was just delightful.

I so enjoyed meeting Julie Duahaut Bedos, the French Consulate!

Handsome Lambert, star of FuZzZy Tale, and Dave, his hooman, met Kita the Akita at B-Elegant, where Naoki grooms them beautifully!

Time to check in at the Music Center!

It’s wonderful to be with thousands of LA County students for any performances! Thank you, Rob, for all your kindness!

This inspiring performance was with Hubbard Street Dance of Chicago, one of the most original forces in contemporary dance! Their mission is to bring artists, art & audiences together to enrich, engage, educate, & change lives through the experience of dance! The company’s interaction with the students was fantastic!

I was delighted to meet Artistic Director Linda-Denise Fisher-Harrell during the lunch in the Founder’s Room that followed the performance, where we got to hear all about the company and the Music Center’s involvement.

Guess who!

It’s always wonderful seeing Amazing Marsha Ramos, who does more good and is on more committees to benefit the world than anyone! Time to deliver bottles of wine for a fundraiser that will benefit the Family Service Agency of Burbank and to see my Brush painting!

Off to the Huntington! Nino Wong, Head of the Docents in the Chinese Garden, made arrangements for us to enjoy the Mid Autumn Moon Festival.

It’s always a joy seeing wonderful Cris Lutz!

I think the highlight of the evening is writing your wish on a lantern and then having it float off!

The moon!

Thoughtful Nino treated us to dinner in the Jade Court, and then she dashed off to explain the wonders of Calligraphy to enraptured listeners!

Lovely Patricia Mar, who remembered my talk for the China Society and getting ‘What If…” at that time!

So lovely!

September 30th, remembering darling Charles! Always and forever!

It’s been a beautiful month, joyful, filled with delights and also bitteresweet. Now it’s on to October! May all your wishes come true!

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