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Hillcrest Country Club was the site for a delightful meet and greet with wine and nibbles! What a wonderful way to begin November!

Peggy, you are adorable! You too, Ruth Ann!

A private dinner at Abernethy’s, on the Jerry Moss Plaza of the Music Center was quite charming.

How wonderful to sit across from my two favorite people! Rob Carson from the Music Center and Awesome Terri, who gives new meaning to the word ‘philanthropist’!

But the wonder of the evening was Gustavo Dudamel, conducting the LA Philharmonic for the Steven Spielberg Film ‘E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL.’ Watching the movie anew, with the accompanying orchestra gave it a new dimension and became touching on so many levels.

Now what made it really magical was John Williams coming onstage with Dudamel!

And what fun sitting next to Rob Carson, one of my best buds from the Music Center!

It was truly a magical evening!

This is just too cute! The New York Times has a section for ‘Kids Only’ each month! I’m delighted to give it to David because you can’t start the Times too early!

There was a lovely event at Neiman Marcus.

With lots of yummy nibbles…Yes, that’s caviar!

And stunning models….

I always love seeing Sweet Alyce!

I think Lovely Valerie did some major shopping!

O.K. Terri, safe or not safe???

Dinner with Disney Legend Tania is always special.

Here’s a photo of Tania decked out for a recent major fundraiser where she was the brilliant (and successful) MC!

This months ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ hosted by the Wondrous Carol Soucek King was inspiring, instructive and brilliant with guest speaker Tim Carey telling us about his creative journey and the making of the largest stained glass window in the world.

Tim’s mentor, Narcissus Quagliata.

I saw the documentary about it (Holy Frit) and must see it again. It’s an Oscar contender and will leave you breathless!

The theme this month was ‘Healing’ and the Salon’s Poet Lauret Patricia Ferber gave us this lovely thought.

Healing can occur in a moment’s time, a day, or sometimes it takes a lifetime to mend the pain away.

Spiritual healing is a profound understanding that helps us become whole. transferring our energy to divine energy, we can create a balance of mind, body, and soul.

We heal ourselves through meditation, prayer, quieting of our minds, centering ourselves, and trusting that God will guide us in gaining new insights and spiritual growth.

Lovely Evelyn Plemons read a moving poem about her sister.

As always Generous Carol hosted a gathering of her ‘Salon Stars’ at El Portal. As you can see, it was quite a large grou

Here’s Tim and his lovely wife Sophia!

How cute is this!!! We had so much fun that we stayed an hour longer than usual.

Seeing Miss Judith, my template for doing good is always a joy! Time to pick up her artwork for Christmas cards. There are always so many treasures, one could spend a day enjoying everything.

And how cool is this???

How many people do you know that have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro?

And of course I always love visiting my art.

Thank you Amazing Sherry Dewane for another delightful Play Review Luncheon.

Dear Joan, Sherry’s delightful mother and kind Frank.

It’s always a joy to go with Incomparable Carol Soucek King!

And seeing Lovely Valerie Foster Hoffman.

Always love to talk shop with Artist Joyce Motazedi!

The program featured New York Times Best Selling Authors Lee and Tod Goldberg.

Driving back, I must admit this fellow had to think we were stalkers as I had to get a photo!

It’s always a great joy to speak and demonstrate Brush painting to artists and the fine Burbank Art Association was no exception. Thank you Jamie Butterworth!

Wonderful seeing Dave Hanson, Emmy Award-winning writer and author of FuzZzy Tale. Many thanks Dave for all your help!

So much fun!

Not quite sure how I managed to get three paintings in…

The end of a wonderful evening!

Everyone reading this loved Kita the Akita and her delightful adventures since she was a puppy. Well, kind Kita told us she was tired and would we please let her go. It did happen suddenly, but by the Grace of God, we had the most sensitive vet come to the house, and her tenderness with Kita was beautiful to witness. Veronica sat with her all afternoon waiting for the vet…

And we were so grateful dear Curtis and Yi-Lin were here.

Now the most important thing is that Kita would not want you to be sad as she is feeling sooooo much better now and wants to thank you for sharing her puppy life! So from me and Kita the Akita, have a beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving!

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