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The day after Thanksgiving begins the Christmas decorating, making lists, checking them twice, trying not to be naughty!

Jhonny is a huge help…

Meanwhile, dear Carol and Xavier stopped by with a delivery from Kita the Akita at the Rainbow Bridge.

And we delivered a Rainbow Bridge Note from Kita to Precious Emilia and David!

Terri and Deborah meet Somi…

And visit the studio before we all head out for lunch…

I went to see the 150 Nutcrackers at the Adorable Darlings Christmas party!

Sandie Girl came to the studio to work on her Christmas card…

And then it was playtime with Somi!

We all got a good soaking for Somi’s first bath!

Wonderful Susan and Cheryl from The Music Center meet Somi…

And then visit the studio before we also go off to lunch!

Astonishingly, Somi loves her crate!

We even have a puppy monitor to check on Somi when we’re away!

Lovely Valerie Foster Hoffman is always so kind to gift my books to her friends. This delightful luncheon at the California Club was no exception!

Adorable Emilia and David were delightful puppy sitters for Somi so we could go to the Music Center.


Thank you Center Theatre Group for a lovely dinner and for ‘A Christmas Story’!

Snehal Desai, the new Artistic Director at CTG.

The Saturday rehearsals for Awesome Carol Soucek Kings ‘Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life’ on Zoom the following Sunday can be way too much fun!

Sunday’s ‘Salon’ was inspiring with the topic being ‘Spirituality.’ Somi the Goldendoodle decided to join in.

Usually Thoughtful Carol has an extravagant dinner for her ‘Salon Stars’ at El Portal but because it was the end of the year and nearing Christmas she had an exquisite dinner for us in her beautiful home.

The theme of this month’s Salon was ‘Spirituality’ and after the lead presentations Awesome Leonore ‘Nino’ Wong, Head Docent in the Huntington’s Chinese Garden, led the discussions.

You remember Amazing Tim Carey who gave a presentation on his awesome movie ‘Holy Frit‘ and his delightful wife Sophia!

The Moderator for the Main Presentation was Susie Katharine Shaw, a former schoolteacher, and actor/singer, seen here to the right with Ruth Broyde Sharone, (on the left) honored internationally for her passionate interfaith leadership, underscoring the universal cornerstones of spirituality! Ruth is the creator of ‘Meet Me There,’ the Interfaith Musical, and in 2023 the musical received an Award of Merit from the Religion Communicators Council.

Sweet Patricia, sculptor and painter, seated between Ruth and Katharine is the Salon’s Poet and read the following during the Zoom gathering:


             Once you obtain it you can’t let it go,

             it prevails in your life wherever you go.

             It resides deep within your heart and soul,

             spirituality like personality, is unique on its own.

             For each of us, it holds a special meaning between you and your God,

             it flourishes in the sunlight and the sky above when dark.

             It dances with the shore as an incoming wave, 

             or snow on a mountaintop on a cold winter day.

             Spirituality lightens the load, creating magic wherever you go, 

             it floats like a cloud embraced by divine love, shining upon you from the       

             heavens above.

Patricia Ferber, November 2023

Edward Lee Goldstein, second from the left, concluded the program. He is a Health Educator, Lecturer, and Physical Therapist along with being the author of several books.

Dr.Dean LeGrand Carlston always does the opening song for each Salon and they’re usually of his composition and musician and recording engineer Douglas Decker adds a wonderful music interlude as well.

Lovely Carol made all of these paper flowers and it’s such a perfect way to decorate a tree!

Soooo yummy….thank you dear Carol!

Lovely Valerie hosted a table at the California Club’s Christmas party. (Yes, another one.)

Here I am with her other four guests, surrounded by utter brilliance… Carol Soucek King, Valerie, Satinder Dhiman, Diane Jenkins and Elaine Adams!

Sweet Lynne worked on her Christmas card in the office with Veronica.

While I was in the studio with Trish for a private Brush painting class.

Dinner with Disney Legend and dear friend Tania is always delightful!

Note to self: Do not attempt Christmas shopping in Beverly Hills on a Saturday! (But I did manage to have fun!)

Yet again this is getting way too long so I’ll end agreeing with Disney, wishing you the most delightful Christmas ever!

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