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I love Christmas! This YSL Advent Calendar started it off and it was so much fun to open the little boxes each day for a special gift!

The Awesome Sarkisyans, my wonderful neighbors, brought this touching gift after losing Kita. Emilia and David loved her so.

Jhonny got all the lights up along with the trees and of course the reindeer and sled.

This is the most fun, having snacks out for the delivery people…

Time for the monthly dinner with brilliant Tom Backer at Aroma Cafe.

I love the trees! The one downstairs is called the ‘Grown-ups Tree’ as it has the most lovely, elegant ornaments.

And look at this adorable card from Luca, Yi-Lin’s sweet nephew. You remember we celebrated his 4th birthday at Thanksgiving!

And this from Marybeth.

Somi absolutely loves her vet….even when she gets poked and prodded all over the place. Great with shots too!

And the gift from Sweet Lynne helped a lot! It’s supposed to challenge the pups but Somi figured it out right away!

The ‘Kiddies Tree’ in the studio always has last-minute additions. It’s so much fun and I delight in getting all of the ornaments out. Betty Boop and the Sumo wrestler give you some idea of what goes on the tree!

The train was a gift from Jhonny last year.

I still haven’t hung these new ones up yet!

Sweet Lucia, my awesome editor, sent her wonderful yearly calendar. Lucia was one of the artist friends who went on the ‘Journey of Imagination’ trip to China with me.

Christmas eve Candlelight Service was such a blessing…

Afterwards we made this…

And watched ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ with Somi until midnight…

…when we could wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

After all the presents were opened it was off to the Jonathan Club where Awesome and most generous Carol Soucek King has her annual Christmas dinner. But first, a thank you to tired old Santa!

There were rows and rows of so many nom noms in addition to our entree.

This was so cute!

Sweet Patricia, artist and sculptor extraordinaire.

Brilliant Nino who is the Head Docent in the Huntington’s Chinese Garden.

And Lovely Evelyn here from Hearst Castle!

Thank you dearest Carol, as always, it was a joy!

Meanwhile Curtis and Yi-Lin. are living the life with family in Hawaii.

Precious Emilia and David came by with mom Sweet Maria, serving as Santa’s Helpers. Somi got soooo excited!

And Lovely Marine stopped by with Precious Ysabelle.

The Wonderful Cheung family invited us over for lunch. You remember Sophie was an intern in the studio and she and Dr. Wai Yee Li are Brush painting students of mine. I was delighted when Henry and Dr. Li selected an important work for their home. It was a delightful day, especially watching 16-year-old Chef Stephanie masterfully prepare Carbonara!

Dr. Li, Stephanie, Sophie, and Henry.

The following is today’s cuteness!

There is a small Koi pond…

And when the Koi get too big, they go in here…

Beautiful fish inside too!

Too cute!

I love seeing my artwork…

Lovely Maggie and I did our traditional book exchange.

Well there’s a lot to get done for New Year’s Eve, so I’ll close with this reminder to watch the Rose Parade on the 1st, but be careful of revelers!

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