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I’m so delighted…this was the very best New Year’s Eve ever! Of course, it started with a lot of planning. Off to Whole Foods to get cheese, pate, and the fixings for a big pot of chili and a smaller vegan chili. Veronica then had to make the labels for the cheeses and such.

Of course, a stop at Monte Carlo for the very best Gelato!

I won’t even mention how many trips to party shops for Veronica, Chief Decorator! Here’s the table.

Veronica made everyone a personalized party favor with their photo and candy!

And there was this pinata which as it turned out…wasn’t!

Everything was decorated…even the doors!

Guests were instructed to get their bling on…

There was a photo booth backdrop…

And of course, a basket filled with prizes for game winners!

Let the celebration begin! Curtis and Yi-Lin were the first to arrive as they were assigned the making of garlic bread!

Then, dear Jan and Patricia!

Awesome Nino!

At this point, I was in the kitchen, and guests entering weren’t captured. It got to be pretty busy there.

The nom nom chili and the fixings.

Dear Carol’s wonderful Enchiladas and Nino’s lovely salad.

All together now…We were just starting New Year’s Bingo!

Did I mention games? There has to be games! Heads Up is hysterical!

This year’s theme was ‘colorful,’ and we had a tie with stylish Carol and Yi Lin as the Best Dressed Winners!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this game is. We used Somi’s toy, a musical cactus that dances, we named a category, and everyone had to name something that goes with the category, and when the music stops, you’re ‘it’!

Curtis and Wayne were the last players standing…

After an intense battle…

the winner is…

Curtis! Curtis was on his “A” game since he also won the first game, which was the New Year Quiz!

O.K. people…time for Gelato.


And Patricia’s cannoli.

Let the Karaoke begin!

We watched the countdown from Times Square, and when midnight struck, it was time to pull the strings on the Pinata and let the confetti fall out….only problem was it wasn’t a Pinata!

We still had the photo booth area to go, but three people had already left…

Well, that’s it, the very best New Year’s Eve ever. We wish you love, laughter, and all you could hope for in 2024!

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