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What could be better? To begin, I saw the opening exhibition of expressive Brush painter Yoshio Ikezaki at the Kylin Gallery in Beverly Hills. “Condensation” 60 years of his life & art practice into the 10 meter roll paper. Expressing 6 aesthetic elements: mountain, water, air, light, sky, cloud.’

Amazing Carol Soucek King with longtime friend and publisher of the Southern California Guide Valerie Summers to her right and Creative Viva Sullivan, Custom Fine Art Framer and Art Consultant on her left.

It’s always a joy to see elegant artist Cissy, from my exhibit at the Ai plus Private Gallery.

Brilliant Artist Yoshio Ikezaki.

Yvonne Zhu, owner of Kylin Gallery.

Then time for a delightful dinner at Santuari with Disney Legend Tania Norris.

Mondays are for Somi’s training with Mary Beth who brings her pupper Duke for extra socializing.

Somi is definitely an extrovert with many new friends on the hill.

It’s official…I’m a Lady Who Lunches!

I must say The Town Club in Pasadena has the best food of all the private clubs in L.A. I’ll just show you the desert.

And lovely table favors.

It was absolutely thrilling to be with thousands of students from across LA County, experiencing the power of dance at a special one-hour student matinee performance by the inspiring Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Ailey will have a 4 year residency at the Music Center!

Can you tell I love Rob Carson???

Darling Hannah

Susan Avila, Sr. VP of Advancement at The Music Center, is always delightful.

Time for lunch!

Three of my favorite people…Sweet Diane Morton, Awesome Terri Childs and Super Great Rob Carson!

Does anyone else sing to hear the echo when there are no people???

I bet you haven’t spent six hours at a dog groomer. Doodle and Friends by Manny, an expert on Doodle grooming, allowed us (for a fee) to watch the entire process of grooming Somi, the Goldendoodle.


You probably know I’m a groupie for Shohei Ohtani so it was off to an Exhibition game against the Angels with fellow fans Ralph and Kathy.

We were quite early (3:00) so time to go shopping and grab a Dodger Dog.

Let the game begin…with ‘she who will not be photographed’!

And there he is!!!

Time for a yummy dinner at Hop Li Seafood Restaurant. Thank you dear Ralph and Kathy!

I think we ordered everything, but my favorite was the Lychee Pineapple Shrimp… so yummy!

The next evening it was time for my monthly dinner with Awesome Tom Backer, brilliant philanthropist and great connector. Tom knows just about everyone.

The moon on the drive home was magical!

Well, it had to happen. The garage needed a major overhaul, and Jhonny scheduled a day to do it (at least half). Somi and I weren’t allowed in as I wanted to keep everything, and Somi just wanted to play!

The amazing thing is that a trunk was found from my summers at Interlochen Art Camp with tons of my early drawings/paintings inside.

This is so much better. New cases & shelving helped a lot. There’s still more to do and also the other side will be tackled next week.

Yoshida-san and Carlos are here twice a year to do their magnificence on the stately Juniper.

New discovery for great pizza…The Little Goat on Brand in Glendale!

What a joy celebrating Awesome Tammy Huang Anacleto’s birthday at Granville in Pasadena. Here with the always fashionable Carol Soucek King!

Somi the Goldendoodle is doing so well on her walks. She always looks forward to seeing Lovely Izabela and Wayne.

This month’s Brush painting class in the studio was so much fun.

Multi-talented Leea brought me home baked sourdough bread!

So proud of Sweet Lynne.

And so many thanks for this lovely orchid Sweet Lynne!

New student Christine found me on YouTube!

Somi got to make a lot of new friends.

Easter morning was so beautiful…

And so much fun…

Somi was the official Easter Bunny!

Making the eggs for dear Carol’s afternoon party…

It was wonderful seeing Awesome Tammy Hwang Anacleto’s beautiful family.

Curtis and Yi-Lin had the cake for Miller Yee Fong’s birthday celebration.

Architect Miller Yee Fong told us a most romantic story about his wife.

Nom nom…

There were over 50 people but it was hard to get a group shot of everyone…

Brilliant Jan Fury Muntz was deep in conversation with Gifted Viva Sullivan, Master Framer and Stylish Nino Wong, Head Docent at the Huntington’s Chinese Garden.

Time to say goodbye…

Somi the Goldendoodle had a great month and sends you wishes for a perfect April!

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