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Begins with Amazing Carol Soucek King’s Salon on the Spiritually Creative Life, now in it’s 27th year and on ZOOM. Carol is so dear to always mention my books and scarves.

As always, Janet Martorello’s Himalayan Singing Bowls were a wonderful beginning.

Curtis McElhinney, Master Photographer and Videographer, brilliantly manages all the technicalities of the Salon on ZOOM.

Because it was Mother’s Day, Dean LeGrand Carlston sang his own composition, “Mama.” You can download Dean’s music at

Graham Lance Richardson gave special salutes to all the May birthdays.

The theme this month was Gratitude, based on one of God’s essential aspects illuminated throughout Carol’s book “Under The Bridges at Arroyo del Rey.” The Main Presentation, “My Life in Music: A Series of Fortunate Events!” was given by Satinder K. Dhiman. My favorite takeaways: “Music comes closest to expressing the inexpressible.” Aldous Huxley, and “Life without music and books will be a mistake.” On gratitude, “Gratitude,” says Cicero, “is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

Also featured, videos of Yunchan Lim who at 18 won the Cliburn Gold International competition.” I watched him so many times on YouTube.

Musician/Composer Douglas Decker sang “Up on the Roof.”

Artist/sculptor Patricia Ferber followed with her poem “Gratitude.”

Designer and business leader Nino Wong, Chairman of the Chinese Garden Docents at the Huntington, led the following discussion.

To close, Lovely Susie Katharine Shaw, Actress and singer, sang “I Love You Salon Stars.”

Did I mention it was Mother’s Day?

Then it was time to pull some artwork in the studio.

As always, Thoughtful Carol celebrated her ‘Stars’ at El Portal that evening. As it was Mother’s Day, we were all given roses!

We were serenaded.

And I tried to blow out my birthday candle before the ice cream melted.

It’s always so adorable when Emilia and David stop by, and this time with early birthday wishes was so much fun.

Actually, I think it’s all about Somi!

The Huntington’s Annual Heritage Society Luncheon was delightful. The adorable ones checked everyone in.

Sweet Cris Lutz.

It’s always wonderful to see Dr. Eileen, friend, student and Docent at the Huntington with hubby David.

Lovely Nicole Cavender, Director of the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

Awesome, Robert Hori, Head of the Japanese Garden.

Time for yummyness.

The talk by Linde Lehtinen, curator of photography, was very interesting.

And Randy Shulman stopped by our table.

So delighted Nino Wong and Sian Leong Adams were at the table.

Cutiepie Ally came by.

And since it’s my birthday, look what I brought home!

It’s always so much fun when Dave brings Lambert and Dolly to romp with Somi.

A world of thanks Lovely Izabela and Wayne!

Somi’s the Official Greeter!

I’ll close this with some photos from the dress rehearsal of Turnadot.

Thank you Chris.

Time to smell the roses!

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