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Beginning with the most amazing party hosted by the Hostess with the Mostest, Valerie Foster Hoffman. Words cannot begin to describe the elegant, thoughtful extravaganza Valerie had for me but hopefully some photos will help where my words fall short.

The party began poolside in Valerie’s lovely garden where we were offered drinks, my favorite hors-d’oeuvres were passed around and we could socialize.

It was so lovely having beverages in Valerie’s perfect garden and talking to everyone. Brenda Cooper, the Emmy-winning stylist for ‘The Nanny, ‘ had quite a long drive, and I was so delighted she could be there.

Happy me!

Kind Debra to the left with Lovely Carol and our fantabulous hostess Valerie!

There’s no denying how happy I was to see these two. Terri & Diane left an important meeting on the Westside to be here.

And brilliant Adrianne, who is a doctor going into war zones and doing amazing work.

Thoughtful Valerie had a book for everyone to write something for me… Sweet Tammy is really concentrating!

It’s time to go inside with Valerie, our lovely hostess.

The table was absolutely exquisite!

And a harpist! Can you even imagine!!

We were waited on like royalty by Valerie’s fine staff!

Chef Josie made everything I love and all so yummy. Look at the beautiful orchid placeholders Veronica made!

And Josie is presenting the birthday cake we brought for Awesome Terri…boy was she surprised!

What fun!

Terri, Valerie, me and Diane.

We took so many pictures, but then, not enough. Almost everyone is in this photo except Veronica, Andrea and Peggy. Dear Vanya, Valerie’s sister from Virginia, is on the left, bottom row. Next to her are the lovelies…Carol, Sweet Alyce, Melissa, and Colleen. Top row…Tammy, Valerie, Debra, Terri, me, Diane, Brenda and Diane!

Peggy…you’re here!

There was so much more. It’s such a joy seeing these photos and reliving the day. When we left, lovely Valerie had elegant lavender scarves for everyone!

At midnight, May 18th Veronica had this amazing gift area for me…So many roses and the most amazing cake on the planet! Each year she seems to top the extravaganza!!

This adorable card from Somi…

Dear Carol Soucek King always has a precious gathering for me at Avra’s on my birthday!

Here’s Veronica, me, Amy, Valerie, and Carol standing behind Vanya and Susi! Amy had flowers for everyone, and they were on top of candles—how very clever! All gathered together, they made the centerpiece.

Carol had these thoughtful handkerchiefs with our names on them for placards. Of course, our theme, remembering our mothers, is always butterflies!

Thank you Wondrous Carol!

I love Susi so much and was so happy she could be with us again.

Thoughtfull Susi had soaps for everyone in the shape of little roses.

Valerie had wonderful Jhonny Was bags for everyone with a fabulous box of chocolates inside!

As always, the food was fabulous but then isn’t it all about the cake?

Veronica completely surprised me with an extraordinary lunch at Gucci Osteria!

Chef Mattia Agazzi is beyond amazing and each dish was quite memorable!

Happy Birthday to me!

I was so excited to get a tour of the kitchen!

And Chef Mattia even signed the menu for me. I’m going to have it framed along with the French Laundry’s.

Thank you Amazing Veronica!!!

When we left, some rock star pulled up with his three-car entourage.

Next day Brilliant Tom Backer celebrated my birthday.

Lovely Mary had a birthday lunch for me. We’ve celebrated each other for so many years.

Well, it’s the end of May, and Cuties Eliza & Marine ended it with a delightful birthday lunch!

So lovely, thank you!

Wishing you beautiful flowers!

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