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A world of thanks friend Dave, author of Fuzzzy Tale and hooman to Lambert & Dolly, for getting more of my books from the warehouse.

Even though Jhonny cleaned out the garage and placed new shelving, books and scarf boxes have to compete with puppy pads!

One of my favorite things is delivering artwork to my collectors. It’s such a joy to see my paintings in their new environment.

I just want you to know that Somi now has playdates with her best bud, Cruz where they romp about so joyfully.

This should have been in the Birthday Blog…Lovely Maggie stopped by with birthday treats.

I was so happy to be one of the supporters for the “Dapper Derby Soirée” at Santa Anita.

Dear Marguerite Marsh was the Lifetime Achievement Honoree who sadly was at home with covid.

There were races we could bet on, and Veronica’s horse, “Clooney” came from behind to win!

How wonderful to be seated at one of Marguerite’s two tables.

I came soooo close to bidding on a puppy!

So wonderful to see Dr. Chris, Marguerite’s son, who was at our Thanksgiving party!

Somi had her second trip to the Doodle Master Manny! She definitely does not like the dryer!

While out, Veronica decided I needed another candle!

A lovely luncheon at the Music Center.

Delightful Peggy, who loves music & is so sweet!

It’s always wonderful to see Kind Cheryl.

Because my birthday was the closest at my table I got the flowers….Lovely Valerie got hers ‘just because’!

The last Camerata Pacific performance at the Huntington was wonderful…It’s great fun going with dear Maryam and Kert. Adrian Spence, the Founder and Artistic Director, is brilliant!

I inadvertently posted this in my Birthday Blog but it really goes here. Thoughtful Carol Soucek King suggested that Nino Wong, Patricia Ferber, Nastasja Dorandi, and I attend a meeting at the California Shumei headquarters with Cathy Capella, Ambassador to the Shumei Arts Council, to help guide Cathy in her goals for Shumei Arts.

Cathy and Spanda Makt, Director of Leadership and Branding.

We were served all-natural tea and muffins.

Nino Wong, designer, business leader, and Volunteer Chairman of the Chinese Garden Docents at The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens.

Somi supervised the repair work for the base of the wall.

I can’t describe how thrilled I am.

On the last Friday of every month, there’s a gathering at Café 1919 at the Huntington Botanical Gardens to celebrate architects Buff & Hensman whose archives are in the Huntington Library and discuss good architecture and design. It was a delightful way to end May. Nino…what were we talking about?

Lovely Carol is always so dear to wear and mention my scarves!

Architect Al Zepeda told me he had many student exhibitions at the Nan Rae Gallery when he taught at Woodbury University.

Architect Miller Yee Fong and his adorable wife Jetty with artist/sculptor Patricia Ferber on the left and Haven Lin-Kirk, Dean of the USC Roski School of Art and Design on the right.

It’s always a joy to see dear Jan Furey Muntz, architect and brilliant friend.

I don’t have a photo of Cha-Rie-Tang, the architect and founder of Pasadena Craftsman Tile, but I hope you’ll visit her wonderful website and learn more about her amazing work!

After the lovely lunch, we stopped at the Huntington’s Gift Store to check out my cards and books.

They’re scattered about.

Then it was time for a Gelato at the Huntington’s Red Car.

May beauty surround you each and every day.

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