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Continuing with dear Clara treating me to lunch at the rooftop of the Peninsula.

I was then treated to having my footsies taken care of by amazing Irene.

Time for the “relaxation room.”

Kevin Kwan, the New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Rich Asians, was the featured speaker at the Huntington Botanical Gardens, talking about his newest book, “Lies and Weddings.” He was quick-witted, clever, and delightful!


And look who we saw as we were leaving…Sweet Jetty, and husband, architect Miller Yee Fong.

Thank you dear Maryam and Kert for a most delightful, relaxed summer’s evening!

Lovely Laurie Pie picked me up for my birthday treat.

She always plans something new and exciting each year and this was no exception. Off we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach!

The sea lions had the right idea.

And yes, theere were sharks!

We even had our caricature done.

And visited the Rainbow Lorikeets in their special enclosure.

What absolutely captivated me were the Pacific Sea Nettles. I was mesmerized!

Birthday dinner was at Tokyo Wako.

But no cake…and no candle! This was their best offer.

It’s time for the dress rehearsal for Joffrey Ballet’s Anna Karenina, but first, fun sandwiches on the Plaza, compliments of Awesome Terri! Kind Rob from the Music Center with Terri and lovely Bethany Coffee with her 13-year-old son Caleb, who’s a brilliant dancer and a delightful young man.

Time to check in.

Terri had shown one of my paintings to Bethany and Caleb.

Time for the ballet…

But the most fun is afterward when you get to see the behind-the-scenes.

Of course dinner with my brilliant friend Tom Backer is always wonderful!

In case you missed it, Betty Boop came to Burbank and that’s a perfect way to close June’s blog. Wishing you a safe and delightful 4th!

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