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It takes three to four days to get ready to party! Besides shopping for food, the hunt for really good prizes for the quiz, bingo, and bean bag toss is on, and this year, we found most of them at the Huntington’s fabulous Gift Shop.

Winning contestants spin the wheel to determine what prize they receive.

Veronica’s in charge of all the decorating and needless to say, it’s over the top with cute stuff everywhere! Here’s the table…


The table for Luca and his family.

And here’s adorable Luca with his parents, Nora and Ryan.

Luca loved his shark hat and the Little Prince pop-up book!

We had so much fun on the patio…the bean bag toss and talented caricature artist Casey drawing everyone.

Everyone’s entranced by Marguerite Marsh!

Adorable Luca won the bean bag toss!

Proud uncle Yi-Lin…

Awesome Carol’s caricature was the best…in fact, she framed it the very next day!

This is what they look like starting out…

And here’s wonderful Jan’s just about finished…

I think Nino’s hat is sooo cute!

Veronica and I watched as long as we could before going in to make the grilled cheese sandwiches!

There was no time to play bingo before the fireworks show, so all the prizes had to be given out during the “4th of July Quiz.” Patricia spun the prize wheel.

Everone looks forward to the gelato…

There was even room for Awesome Jan’s Lemon Lime Pie!

With real whipped cream!

Time for the fireworks!

Somi loved it!

Meanwhile Luca was still perfecting his beanbag skills.

After the fireworks some visited the studio.

Luca voted the Minion best item in the studio!

Karaoke time!

So long for a while…

Somi wanted to start all over and so did we!

Sorry Somi, the party’s over!

Somi hopes that everyday will be a celebration for you!

And so do we!

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