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I think it’s Wednesday because we lost a day at the International Dateline but it’s still Tuesday to me. We are getting in so much of China that it’s possible we’ve been here a week or two.
This A.M. our coach drove us to Suzhou which I though was a humble little village with beautiful gardens! To my surprise, it’s quite the city but fortunately the gardens remain as expected. Ancient and glorious! We spent some time at the ‘Humble Administrator’s Garden” which is so wondrous that you will just have to see the hundred plus photos that were taken when we return home. Every step is a vision and frankly I didn’t know what to place the lens upon. Finally I just did ‘point and shoot’ knowing everything or anything would be beautiful. I’m selecting one and also a photo of some of the ladies. I don’t think we would have minded spending the entire day there but it was off to lunch and ‘The #1 Silk Factory’. We had a guided tour and were able to see how those little silk worms give their all. Watching the women pull the silk from the cocoons gave full meaning to ‘labor intensive’. The bell rang for shopping and all the gals went wild with gleeful abandon selecting this and that and the coach was loaded down with treasures from those little creatures. I’m including a picture of the guys pulling at a piece of raw silk which should have been expanded but frankly the ladies did better.
As we left, everyone voted for a massage. Just in case you’re not familiar with a massage inSuzou, it consists of being slapped and pounded about for an hour and then paying for it!
It’s just a good thing our hotel here is brand new fabulous because we all need our creature comforts at this point.

Tomorrow is May Day here! Parades! We will have a lighter day because of the holiday.

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