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We are starting to speak strangely as demonstrated by today’s title.
(I forgot to tell you that we had also gone to Tiger Hill while in Suzhou.) Yesterday morning we coached back to Shanghai from Suzhou just in time to make the #1 Silk Factory by noon to see a demonstration of silk rugs being made and then shopping for same! Mongolian Hot Pot lunch was downstairs and then it was off to the Yu Garden where we had to run the gauntlet thru the hoards (still a national holiday) with vendors beckoning on either side, entreating you with their calls of ‘hello, hello’. We gratefully arrived at the Yu Garden and felt like Stendhal who passed out seeing so much beauty in Italy.
After shopping, Jeffrey our delightful guide, gathered his flock. To the arirport for a 2 hr. flight to Guilin. The airlines are marvelous and make everything easy for weary travelers. Checking in at Guilin’s Bravo Hotel took just moments & by midnight the weary travelers were settled into their rooms.
This A.M. (day 7) we were up at 6:45 to catch the 9:00 cruise up the Li River to Yangshou. Unforgettable and extraordinary, this journey has no equal. The paintings we have studied came to life before our eyes. Lunch was on the boat and then we were in Yangshou. The old, old fisherman with his Commerands wanted $1.00 for this picture which we soon found was the going rate for photo opportunities. Michael found a great seal shop and Stacey & Lauren had carvings done by the ‘master’. We took the coach back to Guilin, seeing beautiful rice fields & water buffalo as we went. Next stop…all out at the Guilin Art Museum where we were gifted with a lecture and ‘explanation’ of Chinese Brush painting!!! After a ‘Bamboo’ demonstration we circulated to see the artwork & Lauren, trying one of the brushes did better Bamboo leaves than the demonstrator. I’M SO PROUD. Dinner in the hotel ….most of us had foot massages by experts and then we have a wakeup call for 6:45……… be continued. Please look at this entry again tomorrow when we promise to have the pictures attached. For now, it’s time to get some shut eye.

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