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The Chinese People
By Jeanne Davis

Yesterday morning I heard Michael say that the Chinese people were the best part of the trip.
To me they have been the added bonus to history, culture, magnificent building and restful foot massages.
A Chinese woman was quick to remind me to take all my belongings when I became separated from the group at the Summer Palace. A Chinese speaking tour guide had me sit with his people until he found someone who spoke English to direct me. Families invited us to take pictures of their children and giggling teenage girls asked to have us pose in their photos.

I came to China without expectations for the warmth, acceptance and friendliness of the Chinese people. I am leaving with understanding and trust.

A Note from Nan

Pat Mark, Jeanne Davis and Jeanne Gehle (left to right) continue the China adventure by visiting the Terra Cotta Warriors! And then on to Hong Kong.

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