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IMG_4467…that some of the most talented and wonderful Brush painters in the world are in Eugene/Springfield Oregon! 

There was a short hop from Portland to Eugene.IMG_4469

Emerald Art Center

My week long workshop at the Emerald Art Center was an unmitigated joy from beginning to end and these accomplished artists welcomed me so grandly that they now all have a firm hold on my heart.IMG_4471

Special thanks go to the two facilitators at Emerald Art, Kathy Thompson (also a Brush painting teacher) and Leigh Avery.  My every need was met from picking me up at the airport to having the pre-shipped box of paper and supplies opened and ready to go.  From the beginning of each day, making sure that I had water, tea and assorted fruit and goodies to planning the lunch adventures which of course included a Chinese restaurant one day. 

IMG_4526 My hosts for the week were precious Hannah and James Dean who I call my two ‘brainiac’s’ as they have 6 graduate degrees between them including a Doctorate apiece.  After years of the most fruitful and varied occupations (I’m encouraging a book from their adventures) they now have a comprehensive editing service for Doctoral papers and Master’s theses.  Can you believe I was so into the workshop that I didn’t realize they had given me their master bedroom until mid point in my stay!IMG_4516

I wish I had taken a picture of the entire yard but suffice it to say that we had fresh picked blueberries, green beans and marvelous chard, lettuce and tomatoes each day.  Jim is quite the gardener and to look at his handiwork was total perfection.

IMG_4510Meet Harry Potter the sweetest dog on planet earth!

And here we have Luna, seven pounds IMG_4524of bouncing rubber ball/dog!  I was terrified that I would either sit on or step on this little creature and then how could I facIMG_4522e my hosts?

Charles asked me one night if I was being a good guest and this was probably written for my defense.


IMG_4480Shown on the right in the picture of my dear and precious hosts (Hannah was a student of mine in L.A.) is Dottie Chase at Mason Williams house.  Now there’s quite another story…

Dottie is one of Oregon’s leading portrait artists, entrepreneur, advocate and  supporter of the arts  as well as the most delightful lady one is privileged to know.  To see some of her amazing work, go to and click on artists…she’s in the top row.

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