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and Sunday, Oct. 25th is his 99th birthday! To celebrate, a group of IMG_4736relatives, friends and admirers gathered at the Santa Monica beach (at the north end of the pier) to watch Tyrus and his lovely hand-made kites. (This amazing experience happens the 4th Saturday of each month.)




It wasn’t windy enough for the many sectioned butterfly kite to take wind but the Panda bear was just light (and cute) enough!

Tyrus and his kites were featured in a short film ‘Flights of Fancy’ and you can see why. Some are over 100 feet and there are flocks of swallows, butterflies, centipedes and more, all lovingly hand painted.

IMG_4719Tyrus, Pam Tom & excited me

Pamela Tom is the Director/Producer of the nearly completed full length documentary “Brushstrokes in Hollywood: A Portrait of Tyrus Wong”.


How cute is this…Tyrus with daughter Kim and adoring fans




One of Tyrus’ ground breaking exquisite illustrations for the classic animated film Bambi.

You should know that although it’s nearly finished, “Brushstrokes in Hollywood” still very much welcomes and DEPENDS on our (tax deductable) contributions and support in order for it to be completed.

For more information and to support: 

Did you know that the Santa Monica pier is the end of Route 66?


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