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…at the Huntington was the most fun ever!  Words cannot express how very proud I am of the wonderful Brush painting demonstrations my students did.  They interacted so beautifully with the visitors  and a grand time was had by all! 



The predicted rain storm never arrived but ‘rainy day’ precautions were made and my amazingly talented students were placed in the Botanical Center.  This turned out to be so much better than being outside as originally planned.


100_1724 100_1723

Lynne Tucker and Ralph Komai were the first two demonstrators.  Ralph is in my class at the Huntington


Here’s Clara Yang, Lynne Sims and Kc Camp


In this cute picture…Lynne with Kc in perfect harmony


Charles and I stopped by and here I am with Lou Jordan who demonstrated later, Leslie, Clara, Lynne & Kc


If you look hard you can find Charles.


Some of the visitors…these two gentlemen had been to see the master calligraphers who were also demonstrating and proudly showed off their work!


Adorable visitors entranced by Leslie Robin


There was no shortage of adorable children


I’m so proud of Dorothy Shepherd…she’s been consistently winning awards… her landscapes are so powerful!


Violet Lee charmed the children

I took three videos – two of students demonstrating to a very receptive audience and finally a talk about Chinese Brush Painting with one of the visitors.

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