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…..was founded in 2004 by Dr. Richard King, Dr. Joan Marques and Dr. Satinder Dhiman with the mission of ‘transforming the workplace by adding more humanity to the bottom line.’

Although I am not a member, my dear friend Carol Soucek King was going to be a speaker so I marked the date down as ‘not to be missed!’

Joan Marques, a staggeringly prolific writer of great substance opened with her talk on our interconnectedness and our place in the universe.  It was a sobering yet meaningful discussion on the serious, structural imbalance in the world and what we as individuals can do to shift our paradigm.

For more on this insightful talk:



Here’s a link on Joan’s talk:

Carol followed with the most amazing talk that moved the entire audience to their core.  The day prior to the meeting she had a life changing experience and I’m not going to spoil it by an explanation.  Just do yourself a favor and read her talk on ‘The Interconnectedness of Everything and Everyone’ in the link below:


Here’s a link on Carol’s talk:

Richard King had a perfect way of wrapping it all up in a practical, everyday, here’s how to do it style.  His great advice is linked below:


Here’s the link to Richard’s talk:

For More Information:

Dr. Joan Marques:

Dr. Carol Soucek King:

Dr. Richard King:

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